Tuition & Fees

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Below you'll find information about the general cost* of attendance. You can also view a comprehensive breakdown of all per credit fees.

Spring 2017

Tuition + Educational Service Fee + Facility Fee

Please note that residency status determines your fees, regardless of whether you plan to take classes online or on campus.

Massachusetts Residents                                       $178 per credit
New England Regional $190 per credit
Non-residents/International                                $384 per credit

Additional Per Semester Fees
Distance Learning Fee                                          $15 per credit
Student Service Fee $20
Technology Fee $75
Transportation Fee $20
Books and Supplies (est.) $200 per course
CEM (Course, Equipment & Materials) Fee            $50 (max $100)

Health Insurance
12 months (Fall 2016)                                           $1,629
8 months (Spring 2017)                                          $1,088

The health insurance fee may be waived with proof of comparable insurance coverage, or if all classes are exclusively online. Fully online students will automatically have their health insurance fee dropped. Information regarding health insurance and waivers can be found here.

Other fees

Please be aware that certain courses of study carry additional fees such as nursing, foundations of health, medical assisting, radiologic technology, hospitality, music, education, veterinary and animal science, etc.

About Tuition & Fees

*All tuition, fees, and expenses are subject to state and legislative action; that and other circumstances may require adjustments in the tuition and fees reflected here. Registering students should be aware that the fiscal challenges facing the college in the coming year may require increases to the amounts listed. The college reserves the right to make such adjustments in these charges as may from time to time be required by the Board of Higher Education or the Board of Trustees. Students acknowledge this reservation by submitting applications for admission or by registering for classes.

Net Price Calculator

These calculators will help you get an estimate of the amount of grant aid you might expect to receive if you attend HCC full-time and meet all federal and state financial aid eligibility requirements.