BUILD Research Competition

student typing paper and smilingThe purpose of the BUILD Research Competition (Better Use of Information and Library Databases) is to encourage and support student research using library resources. The competition rewards students who show exceptional skill and creativity in the application of library resources to a research project. It is designed to complement the Information Literacy Program at the Holyoke Community College Library.

Past BUILD Library Research Competition Winners

Tristan Cullen: "Capitalism, Fear, and Worldview: The Motivation of the Climate Control Countermovement."

Shannon Messer: "Alternatives to Incarceration - Saving the American Family"

Kathryn Malone: "Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: An Argument for Use in Cases with Medical Need."


Mark Humphrey: "Wal-Mart: How it Hurts Us and Why We Love it Anyway."

2009 First Place

Judea Beatrice: "Sexism in the Bakkhai and in Modern Critiques."

2009 Runner-Up
Adrienne Shelton: "The Evolution of Sweet Corn: In Pursuit of the Perfect Ear."


Nicole Reynolds: "White Pomp, Latino Circumstance: The March Toward Racial Inequity in Northampton's Future."




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