Brianna Craven

DATE: Friday, March 25, 2016

"I like how HCC is laid back, and you can go at your own pace. No one pressures you, but they also make sure you're focused."

Brianna Craven

As a child, Brianna Craven starred in home movies directed by her mother. Eventually, she wound up the one behind the camera and has been directing movies herself since middle school. She is now honing her craft at HCC as an electronic media major. Earlier this month, she won first place in the "7 Day Film Sprint" competition for Dead Awake, her short post-apocalyptic thriller. Check it out.


South Hadley

Electronic Media

Filmmaking; I work at Cinemark in Hadley. That's fun because I'm surrounded by movies, free movies. I can go whenever I want. 

Favorite course and teacher:
Fundamentals of Video with Justin West. I was really excited about it cause I want to learn more about film. I've been teaching myself for a while and I didn't know how much more I could learn on my own. Taking this class, I've learned so much more. I've learned to look more at the details of filmmaking, like sound, lighting, and angles and how everything matters. I definitely want to take more classes with him. He knows what he's talking about. 

What classes are you taking this semester?
Basic Still Photography, English 102, Introduction to Psychology

What brought you to HCC?
Originally I wanted to go directly to film school. I applied to Emerson and Ithaca College and I got in but they are so expensive, especially given that I want to be a filmmaker and money isn't really guaranteed. You get paid, but not enough, and I didn't want to go into debt. 

What's been your most meaningful experience at HCC?
The final film for my Fundamentals of Video class. Professor West really pushed me to think outside the box. I've done short films that were mostly dialogue, nothing really creative. For this one, I made a whole set out of cardboard. It was a cool experience to do something I normally wouldn't do.     

What is your favorite thing about HCC?
I like how it's laidback and you can go at your own pace. No one pressures you, but they also make sure you're focused.   

What's the biggest challenge you've had to overcome?
I have really bad anxiety and that's a struggle. In high school, I had a hard time going to school sometimes, but here at HCC, I've never once been anxious about coming, and I think it's because of my video class and my film class, and I'm learning. 

What's the most important thing you've learned at HCC?
I came into HCC thinking I was just going to charge through, just to get it over with cause I really didn't want to come here at first. I wanted to go straight to a four-year college or film school, but coming here has helped me a lot, and I've learned so much already and it's surprised me. 

What are your plans after HCC?
I definitely want to go to film school. I like cinematography. I want to be working on a movie set, creating something that has an impact, but I joke around with my friends and family that I'd be happy just bringing coffee to someone on a movie set. I just want to be surrounded by that.