Federal Work-Study Jobs

The positions listed below are available for students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid award. Please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at 413-552-2150 or financialaid@hcc.edu if you have questions regarding your eligibility for Federal Work-Study.

The positions listed are currently open on campus. New positions will be posted as they become available.

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Business Office

Title: Clerical Assistant

Supervisor: Marcia Mitchell

Office: Frost 335C

Contact: 552-2431

Job Description: Duties include filing, file management, collating forms with supporting documents, data input, telephone and other correspondence. Special projects, such as, vendor contracts, including telephone and other correspondence will be needed. 

Skills Required: Good clerical skill and high level of accuracy for filing, collating, addressing, interoffice mail, word processing, and data entry. Also, an ability to interact effectively with staff and vendors. 


Title: Chemistry Lab Assistant

Supervisor: Danielle Morrissey

Office: Frost 375

Contact: 552-2514

Job Description: Position involves general cleanup of lab space before and after use. You are responsible for washing and putting away extra glassware used in labs. Other responsibilities include assisting in preparation of stock solutions and some typing and clerical work if needed. Assistance in setting up apparatus for labs and other duties as assigned.

Skills Required: Must have taken a chemistry lab class in the past or currently taking one.

Foundations of Health

Title: Admin & Course Assistant

Supervisor: Rebecca Osborn Lewis

Office: Marieb 217 

Contact: 552-2426

Description: Position includes providing administrative support to faculty and staff. Copying, filing, faxing, creating/organizing documents, creation of marketing materials for programs, creating bulletin boards, and public displays. Other duties include assisting with communication to students in the program via phone, email, or social media sites. Also, opportunities to work in a classroom with faculty and/or advising as desired. 

Skills Required: Friendly, confident individual who is detail oriented and enjoys working with other people as part of a team and also independently. It is also important to be competent in Microsoft Office and interested in learning about how a large program operates.

Student Records

Title: Clerical Assistant 

Supervisor: Christine Holbrook

Office: Frost 221

Contact: 552-2550

Job Description: Job duties include various types of office duties, as well as, assisting students, faculty, and the public service counter.

Skills Required: Filing (alpha, numeric), computer, and typing ability- accuracy is very important. Ability to learn and accept suggestions for improvement is a must. Experience with the public in a busy office setting is desirable.


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