Federal Work-Study Jobs

The positions listed below are available for students who have been awarded Federal Work-Study as part of their financial aid award. Please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at 413-552-2150 or financialaid@hcc.edu if you have questions regarding your eligibility for Federal Work-Study.

The positions listed are currently open on campus. New positions will be posted as they become available.

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Academic Affairs

Title: Clerical Assistant

Supervisor: Mayra Diaz/Idelia Smith

Office: Frost 321

Contact: 552-2770

Job Description: Position includes assisting full-time staff in daily operations. Daily operations include typing, answering phones, taking messages, distributing mail, photo-copying, and rotating between Academic Affairs offices to provide clerical support for special projects. Greeting visitors and ability to maintain confidential information is important.

Skills Required: Confidentiality and dependability are required.


Title: Clerical Assistant & Tour Guide

Supervisor: Bryn Nowell

Office: Frost 221

Contact: (413) 552-2243

Job Description: This position involves assisting full-time staff with daily operations of the Admissions Office and conducting campus tours. Daily operations include, but are not limited to: filing, mailing, preparing packets, and other office tasks as required.

Requirements: Looking for a hard worker with strong communication and office skills, including, attention to detail, knowledge of computers, and strong organizational skills. Also must have the ability to multi-task and work independently. 

Anatomy and Physiology

Title: Lab Assistant

Supervisor:Donna Mastroianni

Office: Marieb 339

Contact: 413-552-2463

Job Description: Position involves preparation of media, sterilization of bio-hazardous waste for disposal, and some dissection is involved. Employee must also set-up and breakdown lab exercises including post-lab-dishwashing.

Requirements: Some background in biology, particularly anatomy and physiology is important. Also good organization, an eye for detail and a sense of neatness is preferred. 

Business and Community Service

Title: Administrative Clerk

Supervisor: LinghamArvard

Office: KC 319

Contact: 413-552-2320

Job Description: Position includes general clerical duties as assigned for department. Working on marketing and sales projects, copying, faxing, stuffing envelopes, and mail pick up are part of the job duties. Student worker would be responsible for the direction of others and to serve the public.

Requirements: Requirements include good telephone manners, general office skills, ability to maintain confidentiality, and good computer skills are a plus. 


Title: Clerical Assistant

Supervisor: Cathy Boucher

Office: Donahue 240

Contact: 413-552-2584

Job Description: Job includes helping staff and students in the CAPS math, writing, and tutoring centers. Typing, filling, answering phones, greeting students, and help with tracking system is needed.Other duties may be needed.

Requirements: Some experience with Microsoft Word and Excel required. Some computer experience, confidentiality, and dependability are also required. 


Title: Chemistry Lab Assistant

Supervisor: Danielle Morrissey

Office: Frost 375

Contact: 552-2514

Job Description: Position involves general cleanup of lab space before and after use. You are responsible for washing and putting away extra glassware used in labs. Other responsibilities include assisting in preparation of stock solutions and some typing and clerical work if needed. Assistance in setting up apparatus for labs and other duties as assigned.

Skills Required: Must have taken a chemistry lab class in the past or currently taking one.

CO-OP/Career Services

Title: Clerical Assistant

Supervisor: Janet Rivera

Office: KC 319

Contact: (413) 552-2322

Job Description: Position involves typing, word processing with Microsoft Word, creating files, maintaining files, answering phones, referring callers/visitors to staff members, and answering basic questions about Co-op and Career Services.

Requirements: Experience with computers and familiarity with MS Word, Excel desired. Ability to file and ability to interact well with staff, trainers, and customers on the phone and in person is also required. 

Bartley Center

Title: Sport/Event Control

Supervisor: Mary Shelasky

Office: Bartley Center Facilities (Room 204)

Contact: (413) 552- 2161

Job Description: Position entails assisting with the preparation and supervision of activities, facilities, and staff during an event. Also the individual hired will work at special events, manager meetings, and team signups.

Requirements: Applicant must have general knowledge of program policies in order to assist participants and staff. 

Environmental Science

Title: Lab Assistant

Supervisor: Gary Golas

Office: Marieb104

Contact: (413)552-2104

Job Description: Position entails assisting with preparation, set up, and break-down of environmental labs. Also the collection of environmental samples, such as, water and soil, as well as keeping the lab and prep room clean. Lastly, the position may involve assisting in GIS/ENV computer lab if needed.

Requirements: Confidentiality is very important.


Title: Carpenter Assistant

Supervisor: Daniel Campbell

Office: E-204

Contact: (413) 552-2212

Job Description: Position entails assisting the college carpenter in the maintenance and upkeep of various facilities. Also must assist college carpenter with various architecture repairs throughout the college. Duties include repairs of doors, floors, windows, ceiling, signs etc. 

Requirements: Ability to take good direction. Background in carpentry or maintenance preferred. 


Title: Technical Assistant

Supervisor: Stephen Bailey

Office: Fine Arts Building 115

Contact: 413-552-2483

Job Description: Responsibilities include assisting the Technical Director with maintenance of the scene shops and the theatre spaces. Other responsibilities include assisting with set construction and light assembly. 

Requirements: Familiarity with power tools and/or electronics is helpful. Background in carpentry, electronics, and/or stage work is highly desirable. 

Health Division

Title: Office Assistant

Supervisor: Kathy Hankel

Office: Marieb 225

Contact: 413-552-2288

Job Description: Position involves assisting coordinator of nursing labs with preparation and storage of supplies. General office duties, such as, filing, copying, distribution of mail, answering phones, shredding, and any other duties as appropriate. 

Requirements: Maintain Division confidentiality is a must. Also cooperative, reliable, pleasant, a "can do" attitude and general office skills are also a must. 


Title: Computer Lab

Supervisor:  Michael Kobjack

Office: Frost 114

Contact: 413-552-2340

Job Description: Position includes monitoring computer usage and users and making sure users are authorized for access. Helping students by answering their questions to the best of your ability and maintaining the computer lab are part of the duties. Being prompt and responsible and maintaining a professional presence is essential.

Requirements: Requirements include being familiar with hardware and software. Also, must be able to learn very quickly and independently.


Title: Laboratory Assistant

Supervisor: Deborah Bruno

Office: Marieb 220

Contact: 413-552-2526

Job Description: Position consists of providing support in the set-up of microbiology and botany lab exercises. Some of the work involved is diverse and detailed but much of it is routine.

Requirements: Good organizational skills and an eye for detail and a sense of neatness are preferred.


Title: Simulation Lab Assistant

Supervisor: Michelle Sherlin

Office: Marieb 221

Contact: 413-552-2090

Job Description: Cleaning of simulator mannequins, used equipment, and labs for simulation is needed. Prop setup and moulage setup for simulation lab scenarios and stocking of simulation lab props and material is also needed. Inventory of props, supplies, and equipment as well as medical chart reproduction and filing are part of this position. Lastly, reproduction and editing of digital video recording may be needed.

Requirements: Confidentiality of props, moulage, charts, student information, and scenarios required. Also ability to follow detailed written instructions required. 

Office Services

Title: Mailroom Assistant

Supervisor: Greg Martinez

Office: Frost 225

Contact: 413-552-2049

Job Description: Position entails sorting mail, running unstamped mail through postage meter, collating, stapling, folding, putting together booklets, answering phones, and assisting customers at the counter.

Requirements: Good communication skills.

Student Activities

Title: Office Assistant

Supervisor: Elizabeth Golen/ Melissa Latour  

Office: Donahue 102 C


Job Description: Responsibilities include: assisting student activities staff in promoting and implementing programs and coordinating leadership and club events. Other duties includecopying/posting flyers, maintaining bulletin boards, set balloons, responding to inquiries about events/procedures, and reproducing and mounting posters on poster board.

Requirements: Eligible candidate would be a "self starter". Other requirements include good interpersonal skills, consideration of responsibilities for direction of others, service to the public, and amount of confidentialityrequired. 


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