Federal Work Study Jobs

The positions listed below are available for students who have been awarded Federal Work Study as part of their financial aid award. Please feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office at 413.552.2150 or financialaid@hcc.edu if you have questions regarding your eligibility for Federal Work Study. For Student Employee and Supervisor Handbooks please click here.

The positions listed are currently open on and off campus. New positions will be posted as they become available.

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Assist full-time staff with daily operations of the Admissions Office and conduct campus tours.

Duties: Daily operations include, but are not limited to: filing, mailing, preparing packets, and other office tasks as required.   

Qualifications: Looking for a hard worker with strong communication and office skills, including, attention to detail, knowledge of computers, and strong organizational skills. Also must have the ability to multi-task and work independently. 

Contact: Bryn Nowell   Frost 221   413.552.2243   bnowell@hcc.edu

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke


Responsible for working with a group of children in one of the Boys & Girls Club's programs by providing youth with academic and enrichment support. Locations: Main Club, Beaudoin Unit, Toepfert Unit, Lyman Unit, Churchill Unit

Duties: Provide academic support/homework help to students in small group settings. Tutor children in Math, English, Reading and general homework assignments. Work with Director of Education, After-School Coordinators, Youth Workers and others to identify and address individual student needs. Assist Activity Leaders in facilitating an enrichment workshop that engages and motivates students and addresses program outcomes. Help facilitate communication about youth progress to after-school staff and parents. Participate in the evaluation process as needed.

Advancement Opportunities: Youth Development Worker

Qualifications: Experience working with youth in After School Program setting desirable. Must be at least 18 years old. Must be enrolled in a degree/certificate program. Must be able to work well under the supervision of a group leader. Must be respectful of and responsible with school-aged children; must be able to provide references from teachers, counselors, or ministers to this effect. Bi-Lingual helpful.  Must be dependable.  Must relate well to children.  Confidentiality is a must!  CORI

Hours: Monday through Friday 3:20PM - 6PM

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu  

Boys & Girls Club of Greater Holyoke


Responsible for working with a group of children in one of the Boys & Girls Club's program. Locations: Main Club, Beaudoin Unit, Toepfert Unit, Lyman Unit, Churchill Unit

Duties: Plans and implements activities for his/her group of Club youth with knowledge of and understanding of the Club's mission; youth development principles and outcomes; the Club's expectations with respect to behavior management; knowledge of and ability to follow the overall Program schedule; ability to create a monthly calendar with a variety of large group and individual activities. Handles all reporting for the group including taking attendance, writing up accident and incident reports, keeping track of snack and meal counts, and provides these reports daily to the Program Director. Works with other staff in the group including peer leaders, and any volunteers. Shares responsibilities to ensure that youth are properly supervised at all times. Assist other program staff, such as the Recreation Coordinator, the Education Coordinator, the lifeguard, as needed.  

Qualifications: Attend program planning meetings and trainings. Attend semi-annual program orientations. Assist with other program issues as needed. Must be at least 18 years old. Must have:

- A B.A. or A.S. degree and 3 months experience working with school-aged children; or

- A high school diploma and 6 months experience working with school-aged children including 3 months supervised experiences at a school-aged child-care program; or

- Nine months experience with school-aged children including 3 months supervised experiences at a school-aged child-care program

- IF you do not meet any of these requirements please consider applying for the Tutor/Mentor position

Hours: Monday through Friday; 3:20-6:00PM

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu

Campus Security


Duties: Answer phone calls, service window requests and radio dispatch. Other duties as assigned.

Will require a high degree of interpersonal skills and understanding of confidentiality with information used in the course of Police Department operations. Ability to follow directions. Ability to communicate effectively.

Contact: Chief Jose Rivera   E 214   413-552-2410   jrivera@hcc.edu

Cancer Connection Thrift Store


Support the daily operation of the Thrift Store

Duties: Greet customer and donors. Accept donations and write up donation slips. Sort donations. Hang and tag items. Organize backroom. Provide friendly customer service. Provide assistance as needed. Operate cash register.  

Qualifications: Individuals seeking a fun, feel good experience, who are outgoing and enjoy customer service are strongly encouraged to apply.  

Hours: Store Hours: Mon & Sat 10AM-4PM; Tues-Fri 10AM-6PM  

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu

Career Services    


Assist with the clerical functions of the Center for Career Development office as well as other offices within the Retention departments involving clerical duties.

Duties: Filing, answering phones, taking messages by phone or in person, data entry, organizing, participating in department events, and operating office machinery (example: computer, copier, scanner, printer, fax, and phone), as well as other duties assigned.

All student and budget information is confidential.

Qualifications: Microsoft office skills, some filing experience as well as being comfortable speaking on the phone and in person.

Contact: Janet Aracena   Frost 236   413.552.2322   jaracena@hcc.edu

Casa Latina


Assist with various agency projects promoting civic engagement & improvement to the Latino Community.

Duties: C
o-facilitate & coordinate tenant association meetings.  Promote opportunities for Latino population to become involved in actively participating in their community.  Assist with programs that educate & encourage leadership.  Door to door campaigns to educate the Latino population about resources, programs, and community leadership.

Advancement Opportunities: Coordinate, present & facilitate cultural competency workshops. Explore opportunity to present this workshop to other agencies and organizations (i.e. United Way). Take initiative to learn more about other community organizations, agencies and their resources.  

Qualifications: CORI; Bi-lingual, strong desire to work with Latino population; must relate well to the public.  

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu  

Community Service/GED


Duties: Filing, typing (data entry), answering office phone, greeting customers, and other office duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Must maintain a high level of maturity and ability to work in an environment of confidentiality while securing sensitive information. Experience with phone and customer service skills are required. 

Contact: Theresa Eccles   KC 307/GED   413.552.2292   teccles@hcc.edu

Financial Aid


Duties: Position involves typing, mailing, filing, photocopying, alphabetizing. Assist in answering phones and counter inquiries; provide coverage for staff breaks from phones and/or counter coverage; assist students with FAFSA, online forms, and Online Services at self-service computers; promote and participate in financial literacy initiatives, SALT activities, and office promotional events; prepare files for processing; filing and preparing outgoing mail; work on special projects.

 Accuracy, attention to detail, confidentiality, and dependability are a must. Customer service and office experience is desirable.

Contact: Lillian Orozco   Frost 201   413.552.2191   lorozco@hcc.edu

First Generation/The Performance Project


Duties: Outreach through phone, email, and social media. Working on FG/PP newsletter. Performance and event support: Outreach, press releases, public relations, and errands. Event Support: Support youth events, field trips, and performances. Record keeping of donations and grants. Outreach to colleges and student groups. Transportation support for field trips and off-site workshops/trainings; helping with coordination and logistics; participating in artistic and leadership trainings; sharing your college experiences with youth participants.

Good communication and phone skills, flexible, reliable and committed to follow through, has car or easy access to transportation; Mac and PC friendly; Bi or multilingual a plus.   Preferred majors include Youth work/youth development, arts, social justice, health, education, program administration, human services, social work, community development, and criminal justice.

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu

Greater New Life Recovery Center


Support a variety of programs and services offered through marketing and public relations techniques

Duties: Identify outreach opportunities; design, develop and implement marketing and public relations techniques to increase the utilization of all agency programs.   Confidentiality, adherence to HIPAA rules/regulations required. Service to the public involved.   

Qualifications: Customer service and public relations skills strongly encouraged. Familiarity with computer marketing programs strongly encouraged.  

Hours: Some evening/weekend hours required (i.e. community events)  

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu

Homework House  


To assist students enrolled in Kindergarten through 6th grade with homework completion and improvement of reading and math skills. The volunteer will also act to enhance self-esteem and confidence in the student through encouragement and positive reinforcement. To build a positive and supportive relationship that will engage and motivate students to work towards improvement of ability and effort in all academic subjects, attitude about school and academic achievement.

Participate in initial orientation session. Attend tutoring sessions as scheduled. Sign in when you arrive at your assigned Homework House location. Assist students in reading, writing and math skills, in cooperation with HH staff. Guide students in problem solving and completion of assignments. Maintain student-focused, positive role-model behavior at all times. No cell phones, please. Take initiative and pursue opportunities to interact positively with students during non-academic time periods (i.e. snack and game time). Complete "Student Daily Report" after each session. Discuss learner and/or program concerns with Site Supervisor.

Attend training and orientation programs. Participate in 2-4 hours of tutoring per week. Attend follow-up workshops and tutor meetings as required. Agree to volunteer for at least 3 months or one semester.

Qualifications: Patience and enthusiasm. Ability to effectively communicate sensitivity, respect and understanding of the needs of underachieving students. Ability to establish and maintain a trusting and positive working relationship with students. Accepting of people from different cultures, backgrounds and ages. Commitment to bettering lives through education.

Hours: Monday through Friday 3:00-5:15ish

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu    

Mass Audubon Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary


Education assistants will work with our Education Coordinator to deliver environmental education to school children.

Duties: Assist the lead teacher with preparation and leading of the Arcadia homeschool program. Assist the lead teacher with preparation and leading of the Wild About Westfield program, a program where Arcadia educators go into Westfield second grade classrooms to teach about nature.

Qualifications: Experience with children is required. Teaching experience is a plus.

Hours: Two weekdays per week, for one education assistant Wednesday morning is required and for the other Thursday morning is required. The second day for both positions is flexible.

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu

Mass Audubon Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary


Interpretive rangers work in teams of two and will play an important role in educating visitors and monitoring the sanctuary.

Duties: Learn about the wildlife and habitat management that occurs at Arcadia and share that knowledge with the public; Walk the trails and roads of Arcadia, engaging visitors with informal environmental education; Monitor the property for policy violations (dogs, off-trail activity, trash dumping, etc.); Assist in collecting litter; Manage wildlife cameras; Possibly lead volunteer group projects.  

Advancement Opportunities: Ecology, habitat management, conservation organization management, and visitor services are all skills that will be developed.

Qualifications: Enjoy being outside and walking; Friendly, out-going personality; Natural history knowledge and educator experience a plus; Commitment to protecting and learning about the natural world.

Hours: Weekend, late afternoon/early evening, and early morning hours are ideal to coincide with busy visitor times but hours are flexible.

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu

Mass Audubon Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary


Work with our Property Manager to ensure the facilities and premises are well-maintained.

Work on a wide range of tasks associated with maintaining the buildings and grounds of the sanctuary. Activities could include painting, fixing, building, cleaning, mowing and more. Trail maintenance and invasive plant species removal could also be a part of the position. Exact duties will depend on the site's needs at the time of work.  

Qualifications: Experience with landscaping, painting, and carpentry are all a plus but not required.   

Contact: Erin Schotanus   Donahue 135   eschotanus@hcc.edu

Office of Students with Disabilities & Deaf Services


Duties: Position involves maintaining records of lab usage. Also assisting visitors with adaptive technology set-up and monitoring lab for proper usage of equipment. You also need to complete copy work for classroom transcribers.

Qualifications: Ability to relate to a diverse user-group is desired. Previous experience with technology and previous work with individuals with disabilities is a plus but not required.  Preferred hours will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 11 to 2 PM.

Contact: Robert Baran/Maureen Conroy   Frost 149/Donahue 133   413.552.2156/413.552.2582 or rbaran@hcc.edu/mconroy@hcc.edu

Online Learning


Duties: The Technology Support Consultant will help fellow HCC students with technology questions as well as providing technical, and customer support in person and online. Types of support include Moodle, email/online services accounts, and instructional technology software packages (MS Office).  Also, student worker has to update case information in tracking systems and escalate issues to full-time staff as necessary (CAPs, Tutors, and/or Help Desk). Student has to attend bi-weekly student employee meeting and other trainings as assigned. Other projects or job duties may be assigned.

Qualifications: Excellent written, verbal communication and good customer skills are required. Ability to listen and communicate effectively as well as demonstrated aptitude and interest in learning about technology is a must. Ability to research technical solutions is also a must.  Previous experience in a teaching, tutoring, or customer service role is preferred, but not required -training is provide. Applicant must have a basic knowledge of computer applications.  

Contact: Karin Moyano Camihort   Marieb 231   413.552.2236   kcamihort@hcc.edu

Records Department


Duties: Various types of office duties, as well as, assisting student, faculty, and the public service counter.

Qualifications: Filing (alpha numeric), computer, and typing ability -accuracy is very important. Ability to learn & accept suggestions for improvement is a must. Experience with the public in a busy office setting is desirable.

Contact: Christine Holbrook   Frost 221   413.552.2550   cholbrook@hcc.edu

Science, Engineering, and Mathematics / Anatomy & Physiology - Human Biology


Assist the laboratory technician with preparation and maintenance of lab and materials.

Duties: Washing and stocking dishes and dissecting tools, sanitizing and stocking safety glasses, cleaning and organizing slides and models, tidying the lab, sweeping, dusting, stocking and preparing materials for lab sections. This job includes working with biological specimens and waste. Lab assistant must follow safety protocols while in the lab.

Qualifications: It is preferred that the student has taken at least one laboratory science course and is familiar with lab etiquette.

Contact:    Devon Henrichon   Frost 351   413.552.2727   dhenrichon@hcc.edu

Student Accounts


Duties: Position involves clerical duties including answering phones, retrieving and recording phone messages, and assisting students with processing insurance waivers at the computers in the lobby.  Also this position includes assisting with processing of incoming mail, filing tuition waivers, authorizations, and assisting with mailing bills. Other clerical work may be needed.

Qualifications: Ability to file documentation in correct alphabetical order, ability to navigate general computer screens and web sites, and experience working with the public is desirable. A high degree of confidentiality is also required. 

Contact: Olivia Kynard   Frost 201   413.552.2149   okynard@hcc.edu

Workforce Development


Duties: Getting packages ready for instructors, arrange necessary A/V equipment, open the classrooms. Assist in completing paperwork, pick up & distribute mail.  Check enrollment status daily and call students when class is cancelled.  Data entry, and assist staff with other duties as assigned.

Qualifications: Confidentiality.  Dependability and good attendance are required. Ability to interact well with staff and customers is essential.  Good phone and personal manners are a plus.

Contact: Maria Vargas   KC 215   413.552.2122   mvargas@hcc.edu  


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