Student Affairs

About Our Office

Student Affairs complements the overall institutional mission to promote student success. We believe in an approach which rests on a platform of core principles...

To serve students in the pursuit of their educational and career goals by providing:

  • Professional excellence
  • Friendly, personalized, technology-enhanced service
  • Accessible, accurate, and timely information
  • Student-centered procedures and policies
  • Sensitivity to diverse needs and interests

To work collaboratively with Academic Affairs in the support of students in the following areas:

  • Educational-vocational preparation
  • Cognitive/intellectual growth
  • Social/interpersonal development
  • Character and leadership building
  • Physical and emotional well-being

To foster lifelong learning through the development and delivery of strategic programs and services:

  • Outreach and access
  • Educational planning
  • Personal/social support
  • Co-curricular and multi-cultural activities
  • Athletics, health, and wellness
Hours & Location

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

The Student Affairs Office is located in Frost Building, Room 224.

Rosita Nunez

Staff Assistant

Student Affairs

Frost 224

413.552.2231 (Tel)


Help our HCC Team by recording incidents that are disruptive, concerning, or intimidating.