Foundations of Health

Medical assistant

The Foundations of Health program is designed for students pursuing a career in a health-related field.

The Program consists of two degree pathways:

Depending on which degree a student chooses to pursue, the total required credits will vary. Students begin by taking Introduction to Health Careers (HTH 101), along with General Education requirements. Students will work closely with their assigned advisor to select appropriate courses, guided by their strengths and personal goals.

The courses will be used as a springboard into a variety of health careers. These include immediate certifications as a Nursing Assistant (HTH 210); certificate programs such as Direct Care Worker, Community Health Worker, Medical Billing, or  Medical Assistant; and degree programs such as Nursing (Associate Degree in Nursing), Radiologic Technology (Associate in Science)Nutrition (Associate in Science), or Human Services  (Associate in Science).

Students who provide service and/or support to any state facility working with vulnerable populations (including students in selective programs and HTH 210) will be required to complete a CORI/SORI background check.


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