Films On Demand - French

Contains over 20,000 academic videos available for streaming. Watch full-length videos or one of over 231,000 video segments grouped by subject: Humanities & Social Sciences, Business & Economics, Science & Mathematics, Health & Medicine. Films on Demand also offers videos about careers.  This link connects to French videos.

Language Learning Library

A well-organized language learning portal on the web offering highly relevant and useful language learning related resources. Covers the basics of Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian.

Language Learning with Livemocha

Livemocha provides lessons in a large number of languages including Spanish, French, German, Bulgarian, Mandarin Chinese, and many more. Every lesson includes practice in reading, writing, listening and speaking. Livemocha is a social network applied to a useful purpose-your exercises will always be reviewed by another user of the site who is a native speaker of the language you are learning-and there are many opportunities to interact with users in a large variety of languages.