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Identity Clubs

These are clubs based on a shared identity.

The purpose of this club is to acquaint those interested with the tenets of the Baha'i faith, by sponsoring lectures, information tables, service projects, discussions, informal gatherings, social activities, and public meetings. This association has no political affiliations on a campus levels or otherwise.

Advisor: Gail Hilyard
Location: DON 246A
Phone: 413.552.2552


2016 Cultural Event (Vision of Race Unity)

The BSA seeks to provide academic and socio-political support for Black students via community development, awareness of campus and area resources, campus advocacy and activism, and cultural awareness and education.

Advisor: Jada Waters
Location: FPA 225
Phone: 413.552.2043

We seek to unite the HCC community in a positive way and achieve different goals academically and socially. We want to lead them through the right path, putting all negativity aside to give them what they need to be successful in life.

Advisor: Mayra Diaz
Location: FR 309
Phone: 413.552.2227

The Christian Fellowship Club meets in DON 258 during Activity Period.

2019 Leadership Award (Ashley Drost)
2019 Heart & Soul Award (Ashley Drost)
2019 Rising Star Award (Valeria Emciuc)
2019 Starfish Award (Zhane Catala)
2019 Club Advisor of the Year (Mayra Diaz)

The ISC is established for the purpose of promoting greater diversity and international awareness in the college community. We promote wellbeing, friendship, interaction, and understanding among international students and other groups at HCC as well as foster greater unity within the international student community. Through this club we are creating a forum for international students to voice their distinctive concerns and interests to better the college community and learning experience as a whole.

Advisor: Eileen Kelley
Location: DON 264
Phone: 413.552.2050

The ISC meets in DON 264 during Activity Period.


2019 Leadership Award (Ahmed Faisal)
2019 Heart & Soul Award (Ahmed Faisal)
2019 Rising Star Award (Ahmed Faisal) 
2019 Starfish Award (Miyuki Johnson)
2019 Teamwork Award (Ahmed Faisal & Miyuki Johnson)

2017 Rising Star (Muhammed Azmi Bin Zainal Abidin)
2017 Cultural Event (Ask A...)

2016 Event of the Year (Pakistani delegation)
2016 Heart & Soul (David Benvenutti)
2016 Leadership (David Benvenutti)
2016 Cultural Event (Ask A...)

Our mission is to teach society the reality behind the "latino" stereotypes; to learn by supporting other clubs and participating in HCC's activities and events; and to unite people because we believe in teamwork. When you join LISA, you become part of our family. We are focusing this year on the Latin Heritage Film Festival, Expo Latino, and fundraising to travel to Puerto Rico.

Advisor: Raul Gutierrez
Location: DON 333
Phone: 413.552.2817

LISA meetings take place in DON 252 during Activity Period.

2019 Leadership Award (Aliyah Saillant)
2019 Heart & Soul Award (Nathan Colon)
2019 Rising Star Award (Cherish Centeno)
2019 Starfish Award (Jewelette Henry)
2019 Teamwork Award (Jewelett Henry & Michell Gomez)
2019 Club Advisor of the Year (Raúl Gutiérrez)

The HCC Military Club is here to ease your transition to college life. As student-veterans, we understand that the college campus can feel very alienating to a service member or returning veteran. Club membership is open to HCC students and all Veterans of the armed forces, serving members of the National Guard or Reserves, active duty service members, spouses, dependents, and friends.

The club meets 1100-1200 Wednesdays in FR 143.

Advisor: Rebecca Targove
Location: FR 368


2019 Leadership Award (Robert Vigneault)
2019 Heart & Soul Award (Joselmang Leon)
2019 Rising Star Award (John Colleto)
2019 Starfish Award (Samuel Arroyo)
2019 Club Advisor of the Year Award (Rebecca Targrove)

2018 Rising Star (Robert Vigneault)

Our purpose is to support all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight ally persons, and to help in the elimination, through education, of homophobia and heterosexism on the HCC campus by bringing together the LGBTQ+ and straight communities.

Advisor: Nancy Bazanchuk
Location: DON 162
Phone: 413.552.2515


2019 Phoenix Award

2017 Starfish (Frances Rivera Diaz)

The SAS Club seeks to educate the HCC community about autism. We welcome all students with neuro-diverse profiles, and we meet on Wednesdays during Activity Period during the semester. Every year in April, we hold a panel discussion for students with autism to speak to the HCC community of faculty, staff, and other students.

Advisor: Andrea Hojnacki
Location: DON 137
Phone: 413.552.2844

SAS meets in DON 160 during Activity Period.


2019 Leadership Award (Riv Rege)
2019 Heart & Soul Award (Tiffany Cavanaugh)
2019 Rising Star Award (Stephanie Lamothe)
2019 Starfish Award (Alexa Janicki)
2019 Teamwork Award (Tianna Dwinell & Liam Earles)
2019 Club Advisor of the Year (Andrea Hojnacki & Maureen Conroy)
2019 Club of the Year

2018 Club of the Year
2018 Advisors of the Year (Maureen Conroy, Andrea Hojnacki)
2018 Commitment Award (Ned Pavlak)
2018 Teamwork Award (Tiffany Cavanaugh & Jay Eveson)
2018 Heart & Soul Award (Tiffany Cavanaugh)

2017 Club of the Year
2017 Outstanding Advisors (Maureen Conroy, Andrea Hojnacki)
2017 Phoenix Award
2017 Excellence in Leadership (Tiffany Cavanaugh)
2017 Starfish (Jay Everson)
2017 Best Awareness Project (Learn About Stim Toys)

Our purpose is to offer to HCC students, Jewish and non-Jewish, the possibility to learn and understand about Jewish culture and traditions – like celebrations, holidays, and special culinary dishes. Among many of the activities this club does, club members plan fundraising events as well as attend discussion panels and conferences with expert guest speakers.

Advisor: Lois Koltz
Location: KC 401
Phone: 413.552.2314

The club meets as the members choose. We also communicate often via email instead of meeting.


2017 Cultural Event (Holocaust Remembrance Table)

2016 Event of the Year (Purim party)

Elizabeth Golen

Coordinator, Student Activities

Student Accounts

Campus Center 227B

413.552.2418 (Tel)

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