Student Life

Identity Clubs

These are clubs based on a shared identity.


To be a place of integral development for adult learners by creating networking opportunities, academic resources, and support so they can succeed in their academic journeys. The club is open to ALL adult learners at HCC: credit, non-credit, and workforce development. We welcome everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, politics, age, or nationality.

Our Goals:

  • Making friends and socializing
  • Networking with people in your future career or major
  • Being part of a community that shares an identity
  • Personal development
  • Express ideas to improve our adult experience at HCC
  • Work together in projects that benefit our community

Co-Advisor: Lori Wayson

Co-Advisor: Cindi Schroeder

The purpose of this club is to acquaint those interested with the tenets of the Baha'i faith, by sponsoring lectures, information tables, service projects, discussions, informal gatherings, social activities, and public meetings. This association has no political affiliations on a campus levels or otherwise.

Advisor: Gail Hilyard
Location: DON 246A
Phone: 413.552.2552

The BSA seeks to provide academic and socio-political support for Black students via community development, awareness of campus and area resources, campus advocacy and activism, and cultural awareness and education.

HCC's CAMO (Civilian & Military Organization) club is a brand new club that was born from the Military Club. Over the years, students thought that in order to be part of the Military Club, you had to be in the military, but that was not the case. While CAMO still has its roots with veterans, it is time for the club to look to the future, take on a change, enlist new members, and embody a different way of thinking. 

The CAMO club will hold the original values that the Military Club had at its core, while growing with the changing dynamics of the student body here at HCC.The Military Club hit a milestone in 2019 and elected its first civilian as president to lead the club. It marked a time to grow and change the name of the club to attract more civilian students to make it more inclusive of the students here at HCC.Here at CAMO we welcome everyone on campus to join us, whether you are military or civilian. The goal of CAMO is to bridge the gap between military and civilian personnel, two very different worlds with the same goals of being better people and knowing how to work together to get the job done. 

Meetings are held on Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. in DON 138.

Advisor: Rebecca Targove
Location: FR 368

We seek to unite the HCC community in a positive way and achieve different goals academically and socially. We want to lead them through the right path, putting all negativity aside to give them what they need to be successful in life.

Advisor: Mayra Diaz
Location: FR 309
Phone: 413.552.2227

The ISC is established for the purpose of promoting greater diversity and international awareness in the college community. We promote wellbeing, friendship, interaction, and understanding among international students and other groups at HCC as well as foster greater unity within the international student community. Through this club we are creating a forum for international students to voice their distinctive concerns and interests to better the college community and learning experience as a whole.

Advisor: Monica Rocha Antonin

Our mission is to teach society the reality behind the "latinx" stereotypes; to learn by supporting other clubs and participating in HCC's activities and events; and to unite people because we believe in teamwork. When you join LEA, you become part of our family. We are focusing this year on the Latin Heritage Film Festival, Expo Latino, and fundraising to travel to Puerto Rico.

Advisor: Raúl Gutiérrez
Location: DON 333
Phone: 413.552.2817


2021 Club of the Year
2021 Advisors of the Year

2019 Club Advisor of the Year (Raúl Gutiérrez)


The HCC Neurodiversity Club offers a supportive community for self-identified neurodivergent students as we navigate the unique challenges of being neurodivergent in academia. We believe that neurodiversity reflects the natural genetic variation of humanity. We strive to prevent people from falling through the cracks or from suffering alone due to their differences. Students who are self-diagnosed, not diagnosed, and/or not registered with the Office for Students with Disabilities and Deaf Services are just as welcome as students with formal diagnoses. View the full Mission Statement here.


  • Help each other overcome barriers
  • Address and alleviate the challenges we encounter while learning remotely  
  • Celebrate our often under-recognized positive attributesShare resources and personal successes
  • Foster a sense of belonging

Advisor: Iliana Vasu,

Our purpose is to support all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and straight ally persons, and to help in the elimination, through education, of homophobia and heterosexism on the HCC campus by bringing together the LGBTQ+ and straight communities.

Rainbow Forward Website

Co-Advisor: Greg Toulson
Location: MRB 241
Phone: 413.552.2341

Co-Advisor: Brooke Adams
Location: FR 260
Phone: 413.552.2065

The SAS Club seeks to educate the HCC community about Autism. We welcome all students with neuro-diverse profiles with open arms, we offer a judgement-free zone, and we meet on Wednesdays during Activity Period during the semester. Every year in April, we hold a panel discussion for students with Autism to speak to the HCC community of faculty, staff, and other students.

Advisor: Andrea Hojnacki
Location: DON 137
Phone: 413.552.2844


2019 Club of the Year

2018 Club of the Year
2017 Club of the Year

2017 Outstanding Advisors (Maureen Conroy, Andrea Hojnacki)

Our purpose is to offer to HCC students, Jewish and non-Jewish, the possibility to learn and understand about Jewish culture and traditions – like celebrations, holidays, and special culinary dishes. Among many of the activities this club does, club members plan fundraising events as well as attend discussion panels and conferences with expert guest speakers.

Advisor: Lois Koltz
Location: KC 415
Phone: 413.552.2339


2020 Advisor of the Year