Student Life

New Club Request

Want to start a club? You're in the right place!

Start with an idea! Make sure that your idea for a club or organization does not overlap with any existing clubs or organizations. Think about what theme your club will carry out to enrich the Holyoke Community College experience. Once you have an idea, you can meet with the club coordinator. To get the process started, fill out this form

Create your mission statement. Together with your interested students, decide what the mission of the club will be. Use the Mission Statement form. All clubs have their purpose or mission statement in their club information. Read a few to get an idea of how to write one. 

Find an advisor. Advisors can be a staff member, faculty member, or an administrator at HCC. Ask a professor or your advisor if they are interested in working with you! Potential advisors can get information about the position and its expectations in the advisor agreement or by meeting with the club coordinator. 

Submit online club paperwork. Join Moodle and have all the up-to-date information. Take the time to review the forms to be sure you understand the requirements and responsibilities of a club. We accept new clubs during the first half of the semester.