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Bartley Center

The spectacular David M. Bartley Center for Athletics & Recreation features a three-court gymnasium, full fitness center, steam and sauna facilities, multipurpose studio, assessment room, and locker rooms. The "BC," as it is known, also features classroom and office space, as well as a lounge where students meet, socialize, and study.

Open to students, faculty, staff and community groups, the Bartley Center offers an ongoing schedule of activities and events. BC staff manage scheduling, building operations, programming and event consultation.

Bartley Center Business Hours:

Monday through Friday
6:00 AM - Noon*
Noon - 12:45 *Closed for Sanitizing
12:45 PM - 8:30 PM
Saturday 8:00AM - 12:30 PM

The 3,800 square-foot Fitness & Wellness Room provides strength and cardiovascular equipment, including:

  • Cardiovascular equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, etc.
  • Selectorized strength equipment (full body circuit)
  • Plate-loaded strength equipment
  • Dumbbells and free weights
  • Wall mirrors, stretching mats, jump ropes, and more

In addition to state of the art equipment, we offer fitness classes and personal trainers to help you get fit and healthy!

User Type Annual Annual Family Academic Year (9/1 – 5/31) Fall Semester (9/1 – 12/31) Spring Semester (1/1 – 5/31) Summer Semester (6/1 – 8/31) Per Day
Non-credit student NA NA NA $105 $105 $95 $10
Employee/Retiree $100 $240 $100 $60 $60 $55 $10
Immediate Family Member $100 NA $100 $60 $60 $55 $10
Alumnus $250 $425 $190 $110 $110 $100 $10
Board Member $250 $425 $190 $110 $110 $100 $10
Friend $250 $425 $190 $110 $110 $100 $10
Visitor NA NA NA NA NA NA $10

ID replacement: $7 each
Lock replacement: $10 each

Non-credit Student Any person who is currently enrolled in a non-credit class lasting five weeks or more (assumes student is not taking any credit courses).
Employee All full- and part-time HCC employees who have signed an employment contract and who are paid on the HR/CMS payroll system. Employment contract must be for a period of not less than six months. For those who have signed a Contract for Services agreement with the college for a period of not less than four months (one semester), the Contract for Services must be effective at the time the application for membership is submitted.
Immediate Family Member Spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child* of an HCC employee or retiree.
Annual Family Spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child* of user.
Alumnus Any student who has successfully completed nine or more credit hours.
Retiree Any full-time HCC employee who has officially retired through the State Retirement Board.
Board Member Includes persons who are serving or have served on the HCC Board of Trustees, Foundation Board, Alumni Council, or Academic Advisory boards.
Friend Individual who has contributed $1,000 or more to the college or Foundation.
Visitor A person who is accompanied by any one of the users defined above.

*Dependents under the age of 24 living in your home. Individuals under 18 will not have access to the weight/fitness room.

Membership Card Information

Your official membership card will become available in approximately two to three weeks after registration. You must pick up your card at the Bartley Center Check-in & Control Desk. Cards will not be mailed. The pink copy of your application is your temporary access document to the Bartley Center.

Effective 1/1/15

From aerobics to Zumba, an exciting variety of classes meet in the multi-purpose room (BC 202) to take advantage of this spacious and comfortable room. Mirrored walls, a ballet bar, and a floating floor make it ideal for group exercise, dance, tai chi, self defense, and yoga. Group and personal training and fitness assessments also take place in this space.

Click here for June 2024 Calendar

Bartley Center Group Exercise Course Descriptions

Join us for a stroll around campus as we tone our muscles with the use of resistance tubing. We'll incorporate trees, walls, perhaps a few stairs, and our fellow students on this multi muscle traveling fitness walk. Chat with your friends between fitness stops. There is no extra charge for giggles. Foul weather will keep us indoors where dumbbells will be added to the repertoire. Students are expected to sanitize any equipment used during class

A follow along dance workout for everyone including beginners and seniors. All moves are low impact and are set to the music. I hope you have fun and dance like nobody is watching! Each song has about 4 or 5 moves that are repeated so it is easy to catch on. The first two songs are to current pop music. Then we have salsa, disco and oldies. Modifications will be incorporated into the workout. No tools are required.

Come move and groove to music while focusing on increasing your heart rate to target zone. This traditional aerobics class is open for all fitness levels. Modifications will be incorporated. No fitness tools are required. We don't sweat, we sparkle!!!

A unique cardiovascular movement class that blends a bit of ballet, a pinch of Pilates and a dash of Yoga into a standing movement class. We'll be focusing on enhanced flexibility by increasing range of motion, while improving posture and alignment. The class will end with a stretching component. Modifications will be incorporated. Students are expected to wipe down any tools utilized after class.

Pump up the resistance and sculpt the body you want. This class is open to people of all fitness levels and includes a warm up, resistance training for all the major muscle groups, cardio exercises utilizing spin bikes and other cardio modalities, and stretching for flexibility. Students will be expected wipe down all equipment after use.

First time participants should meet with the instructor a few minutes before class for a brief orientation. All classes are inclusive in nature. Our instructors are qualified to assist a variety of levels of fitness as well as to keep our participants interested by varying their routines. Classes are held in BC 202 unless otherwise noted. Any questions, call Mary Shelasky at 552 - 2161.

Need a place to sit and unwind? The lobby area is a place where students meet, socialize, and study.

Come visit us at the Bartley Center. We offer:

  • A spacious lobby/lounge area
  • Windows and seating for visitors and users
  • Room dividers 
  • Trophy/display cases
  • 1610 sq. ft.

Begin and end your workout in comfort. Our clean and spacious Fitness Center includes:

  • Three locker rooms
  • General lockers for men
  • General lockers for women
  • Team rooms and a visitor room
  • Ample storage space
  • Steam/sauna in men's and women's locker rooms
  • Accessible lockers and showers
  • Wood and synthetic flooring
  • Two fixed-floating wood practice/game courts
  • One synthetic practice basketball court
  • Three regulation volleyball courts
  • One college varsity basketball court
  • Indoor tennis court
  • Indoor batting cage for baseball and golf
  • 92 Metal Halide lights (broadcast quality lighting)
  • 32-foot-high ceiling
  • Bleacher seating for 1337 [614/723]
  • In-house audio system
  • Eight practice basketball hoops
  • Floor covering for special events
  • 22,000 sq. ft.
What is the BC?

BC is short for the Bartley Center, and is used to refer to the David M. Bartley Center for Athletics & Recreation.

What does it cost to use the gym?

There is no cost for students enrolled in credit courses who present a valid HCC ID for use of the Bartley Center. However, the cost for others depends on how you are affiliated with the HCC. Alumni, non-credit students, college employees, visitors, and others of the general public all pay different rates.

How do I access the BC?

A valid HCC ID (or approved BC ID/document) is required to access the gym year round, including summer session. Groups and visitors who have access must pay a fee or have permission for use of the gym.

When is the gym open?

There are three indoor venues in the Bartley Center that are open at various times throughout the day. The Center is open at 6 a.m. Monday – Friday and 8 a.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday.

Where do I go to become a member?

Memberships may be purchased in the Account Services office in the Frost Building.

Do you have personal trainers?

We employ a staff of personal trainers that you may hire to help you with your exercise routine, in conjunction with Community Services.

Where is the gym located?

The main entrance to the BC is in the M-lot parking lot in the north end of the campus.

Is there a fee for parking?

Parking is free. Stickers are required for students and staff to park.

Are children allowed in the gym?

Children under the age of 16 may use the gym in group activities with proper adult supervision. Children cannot access the Fitness & Wellness Room.

How may I obtain a copy of the weekly schedule?

The department posts weekly schedule on bulletin boards in the BC and around the campus.

How can I find out about Open Gym?

You may check the department's website, stop by the Bartley Center and pick up a schedule, or call the Bartley Center at 413.552.2160.

What varsity sports are offered at Holyoke Community College?

Please visit Athletics for a full list of varsity sports offered at HCC.

  • The exterior of the Bartley Center at Holyoke Community College

    The BC

    The main entrance to the Bartley Center.

  • A male student lifting weights while a trainer looks on

    Pump iron

    Find dumbbells and free weights in the Fitness & Wellness Room.

  • Multi-Purpose Room at the bartley center

    Multi-Purpose Room

    From aerobics to Zumba, an exciting variety of classes meet here to take advantage of this spacious and comfortable room.

  • A male student uses exercise equipment while a personal trainer looks on

    Weight training

    Selectorized strength equipment is available.

  • PeoplesBank Gymnasium at the Bartley Center

    PeoplesBank Gymnasium

    Basketball court, volleyball courts, and more.

  • A female student lifts weights while a personal trainer looks on

    Get personal

    Personal trainers are available for hire.

Thomas Stewart

Director, Bartley Center Services

Athletics & Recreation

Bartley Center 203

413.552.2162 (Tel)