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HCC has more than 40 student-run clubs and organizations. Find the one that's the right fit for you!


Academic Clubs

An opportunity to learn more about a field of interest and study, academic clubs are usually partnerships with the academic area and include an advisor who is a faculty member.

The American Sign Language Club seeks to educate the hearing community of HCC about the Deaf and Deaf Culture, provide greater awareness about Deaf issues on campus, promote American Sign Language as the language of the Deaf, and provide a place for the two communities to interact and socialize.

We host a number of events during the academic year such as Signing Pizza gatherings, Paint & Sign, Coffee Meetups, and Deaf Awareness Month activities.

Check out our Facebook page!

Advisor: Debbie Geoffroy
Location: DON 147B
Phone: 413.552.2317
Meeting: Saturdays at 10 a.m. at the Holyoke Barnes & Noble Cafe


2018 Commitment Award (Jennifer Weatherbee-Pike)
2018 Education & Inspiration Award

2016 Phoenix Award
2016 Heart & Soul (Jennifer Weatherbee-Pike)
2016 Teamwork (Jennifer Weatherbee-Pike & Jesse Lewis)
2016 Leadership (Jennifer Weatherbee-Pike)
2016 Charisma (Jesse Lewis, Ilianna Lopez)
2016 Starfish (Olivia Brinham, Christine Knight)

The mission of the Criminal Justice Association (CJA) is to create an opportunity for students to learn about the criminal justice system, its professions, and those impacted by it. The CJA aims to provide awareness of current issues in criminal justice, and to help prepare students by connecting with local agencies to stimulate interest and participation in community events as well as career opportunities.

Advisor: Alex Sanchez
Location: FR176
Phone: 413.552.2841

The CJA meets every Wednesday during Activity Period, from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in FR 145.


2018 Volunteer Project (Coat drive)

2016 Club Advisor (Alex Sanchez)
2016 Rising Star (Haley Gaudette)
2016 Teamwork (Ciara Prieto & Frances Velez)
2016 Club of the Year
2016 Leadership (Isaiah Likely)
2016 Starfish (Ciara Pietro)

The purpose of the Education Club at HCC is to offer students with current or future interests in the field of education an opportunity to discuss educational issues in any context through a combination of social and academic settings. The Education Collaboration aims to promote the exploration of career opportunities through planning on-campus events, hosting expert guest speakers, and participating in local events related to education.

Co-Advisor: Tricia Kiefer
Location: DON 253
Phone: 413.552.2450

Co-Advisor: Sheila Gould
Location: MRB 141
Phone: 413.552.2501

The Education Club meets in DON 254. Email advisors for days and times.


2018 Event of the Year (Trunk or Treat)

2017 Club Advisor (Tricia Kiefer)
2017 Phoenix Award
2017 Rising Star (Jared Hawk)
2017 Heart & Soul (McKenzie Wilson)
2017 Excellence in Leadership (Gina Burke)
2017 Commitment Award (Sylvia Nkrumah)
2017 Charisma Award (Jared Hawk, McKenzie Wilson)

Our purpose is to provide our members with guidance and advice in turning their business concepts into reality, providing opportunities for members to identify professors who may provide advice, and addressing specific concerns related to starting a business. This club aims to provide opportunities for members to learn about the wide variety of resources available to them, as well as opportunities to network with the Valley's entrepreneurs, and to facilitate participation by members in the Harold Grinspoon Foundation Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Advisor: Ellen Majka
Location: KC 419
Phone: 413.552.2350

The Emerging Business Leaders Club meets most Wednesdays during Activity Period (from 11 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.) in KC 420. Please be in touch with our advisor to see if we are meeting.


2017 Starfish Award (Mariya Primakov)

The E-Sci Club seeks to improve Holyoke Community College relations within the student and faculty body through community service, and to bond more within the surrounding Environmental Science fields throughout the Pioneer Valley communities as an overall whole through work-related outings and fun adventurous trips.

Advisor: Kathleen Maiolatesi
Location: MRB 235
Phone: 413.552.2462


2016 Heart & Soul (Jessica Booth, Gabriella Saloio)
2016 Club of the Year
2016 Leadership (Jessica Booth, Gabriella Saloio)
2016 Starfish (Jessica Booth, Mike Clark)
2016 Awareness Project (Trash Slam Dunk, Earth Day posters, solar events)

The Health Careers Club is an organization that promotes and explores different careers in healthcare fields. The club strives to promote education and awareness of healthcare issues to the greater HCC community through events like blood drives, CPR training, and other social activities.

Advisor: Elizabeth Hayward
Location: MRB 215
Phone: 413.552.2108

The Health Career Club meets in MRB 222 every other Wednesday during Activity Period.

The Psychology Club's purpose is to help club members develop leadership and communication skills while expanding their knowledge and understanding of psychology topics and career opportunities. Club members will participate in topic discussion and analysis, organizing events, and doing community service.

Advisor: Terri Kinstle
Location: DON 103

Meeting time has not been determined for the semester. See us in Donahue 103 for more information.

The STEM Club's goal is to attract HCC students with an interest in the fields of science and mathematics. The club aims to create an ideal environment for students to come together and mentor each other through working on a variety of projects to gain experience in the field of engineering.

Advisor: Juan Burwell

The STEM Club meets every Friday at 1:30 p.m. in FR 369.


2018 Leadership Award (Frances Rivera-Diaz)

2017 Commitment Award (Teddy McCormick)
2017 Starfish Award (Frances Rivera Diaz)

2016 Heart & Soul (Kriss Striks)
2016 Club of the Year
2016 Volunteer Project (Maker Fair and Lego Architecture events at Barnes & Noble)

The Veterinary Technician Club is an organization that promotes the standards of quality veterinary care for all animals, and supports the education of the vet tech students at HCC. The club strives to promote veterinary services and education to the greater HCC community, as well as provide social activities to the vet tech students and their families.

Advisor: Patricia Leopre
Location: MRB 243
Phone: 413.552.2459

For more information about the Vet Tech Club meeting schedule, please contact the club's advisor.

Jennifer Ortiz

Program Assistant Student Clubs

Student Services

get involved

HCC has more than 40 student-run clubs and organizations. Find the one that's the right fit for you!