About HCC

Bid Announcements

HCC encourages qualified vendors to participate in the bid process. There are two avenues for participation:

  1. The Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC)
  2. COMMBUYS: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Official Procurement Record System

While HCC attempts to notify those interested in participating in bid opportunities, it makes no guarantee that vendors will be included in solicitations. Those individuals or businesses who wish to participate in bids are advised to make use of MHEC or COMMBUYS. Vendors who register with COMMBUYS will receive automatic email notifications of any solicitation that HCC posts on COMMBUYS. Open bids are also posted at the college on a bulletin board across the hall from Frost 335.

While it is HCC's intention to make public the results of its solicitation process as quickly as possible, HCC shall not be held liable for errors, clerical or otherwise, or interpretation/misinterpretation of the information publicly read at the formal opening.

Current Bid Opportunities

IFB# 24-03 Electronic Medication Dispensing 

RFP# 24-01 HRIS Solution

When bids are posted, vendors may request copies by calling 413.552.2384.

HCC's written "Notice of Award" or "Intent to Award" will be mailed to all bidders on file/proposers, and will constitute a final decision by HCC to award the contract.

Questions regarding bid opportunities and open bids should be directed to the Brian Jackson.

Questions regarding print bids should be directed to the Creative Services Manager.

Questions regarding construction bids should be directed to the Director of Facilities & Engineering.

The Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) is a purchasing consortium, which increases the buying power of the member institutions of higher education throughout New England (currently 88 members). As a member institution of the MHEC, HCC's cost center directors, faculty, and staff may go to the MHEC website to seek the best value for the supplies, equipment, and services they wish to purchase for their departments and, in some cases, for personal use by faculty staff, and students. These pre-bid contracts may be used for purchases in any amount.

Inquiries about the MHEC bid process should be directed to the MHEC at 413.545.4669.

Please click here to learn about COMMBUYS, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Official Procurement Record System.