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Information Technology

Because computer skills are essential to success in most academic and career areas, Holyoke Community College has invested heavily in computer equipment and the human support necessary to maintain and maximize these resources. Every student enrolled at the College has the opportunity to develop and enhance computer skills while pursuing his or her education. In addition, students have numerous other opportunities to explore more advanced computer areas, such as graphic design, electronic media, geographic information systems, and website design. As HCC's online learning options continue to increase, more students are participating in online classes and accessing computing resources than ever before.

Media Services

Request media services or equipment, contact the staff

Application Projects

Current projects; status; timeline

HCC Helpdesk

Help with logins, campus wireless, hardware or software questions

Request for Services

Request IT services for new employee's - computer, phone, network access

Computer Labs

Location and hours of Open Labs

HCC to Go

Set up HCC mobile apps to connect your HCC email, calendar, and class schedule.

Spam Alert

How to recognize and report spam.

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Got a question about HCC? Chat with us!