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Request for Services

Supervisors or designees are required to submit this form for the following:

  • Request services (phone, computer, network access) for new hires and/or returning employees.
  • Request account/computer access for contract employees or Non-HCC users who need access to computers/wi-fi on campus.

It is the policy of ITD to end network access (computer sign-on) for employees/users as soon as the contract has ended or when an account is no longer needed.  Please make sure HR has been notified when a user is no longer contracted so that ITD receives the appropriate notice to terminate accounts.  If users are no longer on campus using computers/wi-fi, please notify Kelly Champagne - kchampagne@hcc.edu.

By submitting this request you are certifying that the employee has been given a contract and has completed the required employment paperwork or the user has been vetted through your department.   Leave fields blank that do not apply.