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About Strategic Planning

Kristine Ricker Choleva

Director, Planning, Curriculum & Assessment

Academic Affairs

Kittredge Center 404

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Strategic Plan

Building a sustainable future for HCC and the communities we serve through four frameworks with corresponding strategies and objectives:


Educate. Inspire. Connect.


Holyoke Community College aspires to be a college of academic excellence known for helping students overcome barriers to success.


Kindness, inclusion and trust are the foundation of the work that we do together. Innovation and collaboration enable us to explore and implement the ideas that will shape our future.  


We approach all interactions with empathy and in consideration of one another's needs. We act with the highest levels of professionalism, respect, and civility as we seek common ground and strive for mutual understanding.


We provide a fair and welcoming environment where all voices are heard and meaningfully included to contribute to the growth and success of HCC. We take intentional action, challenge our assumptions, foster belonging, and respect the uniqueness of the individual.


We are inspired to do our best work when we assume positive intention, prioritize transparency, and communicate with honesty, clarity, and consistency. We do this thoughtfully by including all stakeholders in the decision-making process and following through with our commitments.


We empower all members of our community to explore, share, and actualize their ideas to continuously improve service to our students and community. We do this with creativity and agility by keeping an open mind, taking risks, evaluating outcomes, and learning from mistakes. 


We work as a team to develop and achieve common goals through an open exchange of ideas in a community that encourages wide-ranging participation, intentional communication, and the pursuit of diverse perspectives and expertise.

Student Experience

Holyoke Community College commits to delivering a transformational student experience characterized by: 

  • A student-ready environment with connections that draw people, services, and resources together to address students' needs and ensure their success
  • An affordable, relevant education designed to ensure equitable student outcomes, resulting in career and transfer opportunities that enable all students to thrive
  • An approach to educating the whole person that consistently meets students where they are and engages them in real-world learning experiences
  • A vibrant, diverse, and inclusive college community that enriches the learning experience, delivers unwavering encouragement, and builds lifelong connections.

Faculty and staff of Holyoke Community College commit to support this transformative experience through:

  • Accessible, guided, and intuitive services that support and inspire students and their families
  • Culturally responsive practices that promote equity within and beyond the  classroom
  • Technology, data, and predictive analytics that enable HCC to deliver personalized, proactive, and responsive programs and service
  • An agile and supportive culture that recognizes the importance of professional development to build knowledge, skills, and a deep understanding of our students

Strategic Frameworks and Objectives


Enhance and expand innovative teaching and learning  practices that result in a quality education for all. 

1.1, 1.2, and 1.3: Increase Fall course completion, Fall-to-Fall retention, and the 150% graduation rate of first-time degree seeking students by 4% by 2026. (Disaggregate for full time, part time, adult students, BIPOC, first generation)

1.4: Assess the impact of a program of equity-focused professional development offered to all faculty and staff by 2026.


Collaborate with the communities we serve to increase equity. 

2.1, 2.2, and 2.3: Decrease the Fall course completion, retention, and graduation rate gaps between BIPOC and white students by 4 points by 2026.

2.5: Increase Hispanic Fall FTE from 660 to 772 by 2026.


Align program outcomes with workforce demands and student needs for employment and transfer. 

3.1: Increase the percentage of students who transfer to four-year institutions from 19% to 23% by 2026. (Disaggregate for full time, part time, adult students, BIPOC, first generation) 

3.2: Increase enrollment in non-credit programming from 2,700 to 3,500 by 2026. (Disaggregate for adult students, BIPOC, first generation) 

3.3: Increase the percentage of HCC non-credit students matriculating into credit programming from TBD to TBD by 2026. (New measure under development - anticipated Summer 2022; disaggregate for adult students, BIPOC, first generation) 

3.4: Increase the number of students who become employed upon graduation/completion from TBD to TBD by 2026. (Revised data source/collection - anticipated Spring 2023; disaggregate for adult students, BIPOC, first generation) 


Create a sustainable model for long-term financial stability and growth.

4.1: Increase total annual credit hours from 65,500 to 67,465 by 2026.

4.2: Increase total annual revenue in charitable contributions, including estate commitments, to the HCC Foundation from $1.75 million to $8.5 million by 2026. (Disaggregate by individual, corporate, private grants)

4.3: Increase the total annual number of unique donors making gifts to the HCC Foundation by 50% by 2026.

4.4: Increase total annual revenue outside of student tuition and fees from $9,442,000 to $9,725,260 by 2026. (Disaggregate by earmarks/funding not associated with annual state appropriations, state and federal grants, other) 

4.5: Increase the implementation of process reimagine and redesign projects from 4 to 10 by 2026.

About Strategic Planning

Kristine Ricker Choleva

Director, Planning, Curriculum & Assessment

Academic Affairs

Kittredge Center 404

413.552.2284 (Tel)