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About HCC

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Council

Our Mission

The Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion council (known as EDI)  embraces and endorses the state and federal laws and policies that have been adopted by the Commonwealth (See Appendix I), but wishes to go beyond adherence to the letter of the law and adopt a set of standards that expresses the spirit of the law. EDI wishes to create and sustain an environment in which all students and staff are respected and supported. EDI will:

  • Assess the campus climate relative to EDI issues to determine appropriate actions and interventions as necessary, at a personal, institutional and cultural level.
  • Establish educational opportunities and support to foster civil discourse and social justice.
  • Facilitate campus-wide reflection and dialogues on topics related to Affirmative Action and other identity-related matters, including but not limited to disability, class, race and ethnicity, and sexual and gender identity.
  • Participate in education and training related to EDI topics and become conversant in the subject areas.
  • Provide the President and appropriate members of our campus community with recommendations for policy, actions, and activities relative to EDI.

  • The Council shall consist of at least seven and not more than fifteen members representing faculty, administrators, non-teaching professionals, classified staff, and students.
  • Ideally, the Council shall consist of two students, a representative from the President's Office, and representatives from each of the six organizational units at the college: Development, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, Business and Community Services, Information Technology, and Student Affairs. Members serve as liaisons between their units/divisions and the Council.
  • The Committee shall include members from protected groups as defined by Affirmative Action law.
  • The Affirmative Action Officer shall be an ex-officio member of EDI.
  • Members must be employees or students of Holyoke Community College. Any member of the college community is eligible for membership.
  • Council members must have a commitment to acquiring a working knowledge of affirmative action law and policy, and endeavor to have sensitivity to EDI issues.

Camille Close
Clara Elliott
Adina Giannelli
Terry Gibson
Liv Anna Homestead
Tricia Keifer
Olivia Kynard
Lauren LeClair
Robin Rondeau
Emily Santaniello
Idelia Smith
Renee Tastad
Marie Troppe
Tracye Whitfield