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About HCC

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Council

Our Mission

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) embraces and endorses the state and federal laws and policies that have been adopted by the Commonwealth (see Appendix I), but will go beyond adherence to the letter of the law and adopt a set of standards that expresses the spirit of the law. EDI will collaborate with the College leadership and the campus community to provide support, consultation, and training that will allow the College to embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion in a transformative way. Our goals and objectives include the following:

  1. Assess the campus climate relative to equity, diversity, and inclusion issues and offer recommendations as necessary.
  2. Work in collaboration with the Center for Excellence (CFE) and other entities to support equity and social justice. 
  3. Support campus-wide reflection and dialogues on topics related to Affirmative Action Policy and Civil Rights legislation and other identity-related matters, including but not limited to national origin, linguistic identity, disability, class, race and ethnicity, and sexual and gender identity.
  4. Participate in education and training related to equity, diversity, and inclusion topics and become conversant in the subject areas.
  5. Provide the President and appropriate members of our campus community with recommendations for policy, actions, and activities relative to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

  • The EDI shall consist of at least seven and not more than twenty-one members representing faculty, administrators, non-teaching professionals, classified staff, and students.
  • Ideally, the EDI shall consist of two students, a representative from the President's Office, and representatives from each of the six organizational units at the college: Development, Academic Affairs, Administration and Finance, Business and Community Services, Information Technology, and Student Affairs.
  • Ideally, the EDI shall intentionally recruit members from all under-represented groups as defined by Affirmative Action law.
  • The Affirmative Action Officer shall be an ex-officio member of the EDI.

Vice Chair: Adina Giannelli
Secretary: Lauren LeClair

Camille Close
Nancy Bazanchuck
Amy Brandt
Stacy Graves
Andrea Hojnacki
Tricia Kiefer
Olivia Kynard
Carlos Malave
Aaroon Palko
Robin Rondeau
Denise Roy
Kimberlee Straceski
Renee Tastad
Marie Troppe
Alex Wagman
Todd Wonders