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Advising in the ACT Center (CC 102) provides educational planning services for all students enrolled in credit classes at HCC. Whether you're a current, returning, transfer or non-degree seeking student, our advisors are dedicated to helping you achieve your educational goals. Advising is available on a walk-in or by-appointment basis, and includes a discussion of:

  • College Placement Test scores
  • DegreeWorks worksheet
  • Short and long term goals
  • Timeline to graduation
  • New Student Orientation
  • Access to email and online services
  • The role of the assigned academic advisor
  • Support services and resources


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Academic advising at Holyoke Community College is a process that seeks to assist students in the achievement of their educational, professional, and personal goals.

Advisors accomplish this by providing accurate information or referral about programs of study, the registration process, institutional policies, college support services, career opportunities, and the transfer process. Holyoke Community College's advising process is a reflection of our commitment to student success and retention.

This process aims to accomplish the following goals:

  • Seek to develop a shared objective by discovering the goals the student has for attending HCC.
  • Facilitate the student's general decision-making processes with regard to career and educational goals.
  • Encourage the student to critically explore the short and long-term effects of each decision during the advising process.
  • Provide accurate information about HCC's programs of study/options.
  • For the student who has declared a major/option, the advisor should review/navigate the selected program option/sheet.
  • For the student who is undecided about future educational goals, the advisor should refer him/her to the ACT Center for a career assessment before scheduling classes.
  • Educate the student about the individual courses offered by highlighting course descriptions and prerequisites.
  • Use self-service with the student to register by selecting the appropriate and available courses while considering the student's time and interest.
  • Refer the student to the various college support services and student activities offered at HCC.
  • Assist the student to transition from HCC by exploring options and requirements of his/her educational or career goals.