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Whether you want to launch a business, manage a non-profit, or climb the corporate ladder, HCC offers a pathway to your future.

A student posing with a business presentation

Degrees within the business administration department prepare students for a wide range of careers. 

Program graduates gain a strong foundation in the business principles and reasoning skills necessary for success. You will learn how to interpret, prepare, and analyze basic financial statements; weigh the legal, social, and economic impact of business decisions; and understand the role that business plays in different societal and economic systems.

Degrees & certificates

I remember reading that 80 percent of startup businesses fail within the first three years because of a lack of knowledge. I said to myself, well, I've got to go to school, cause I'm not failing. I'm just not."

Jaritza Rosario

  • A student speaking at the Harold Grinspoon Awards

    Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Initiative Award Ceremony & Banquet

    HCC student entrepreneurs compete and are honored at the Grinspoon Entrepreneurship Initiative Award Ceremony & Banquet every year.

  • A student entrepreneur with her handmade jewelry

    Jaritza Rosario

    "I like Marketing [class]. It teaches you about different kinds of customers, how they shop, what they want, when they want it, and how they want it, and that's something I need to learn, cause I can't just throw my product out there."

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  • A student entrepreneur sells his products

    Student showcase

    Student entrpreneurs have the opportunity to showcase their products and companies throughout the year.