Jump Start

Jump Start offers various short-term training programs and assists students to get excellent job placement results.

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Phone: 413.552.2005 | Email: afunk@hcc.edu

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program options

A medical student examines a patient simulator with an instructor. Text reads Certified Nursing Assistant.
A pharmacy tech hands an item to a customer. Text reads Pharmacy Technician.
A customer service representative stands at a desk smiling. Text reads Customer Service.
A behavioral health associate chats with a patient. Text reads Behavioral Health Technician.
A culinary arts student and instructor work in a kitchen at the HCC MGM Culinary Arts Institute. Text reads Culinary Arts
A CDL student holds up their license next to a blue truck

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Aimee Funk


Amreen Shaikh


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our partners

We work with the following community programs:

  • Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC)
  • SNAP Path to Work
  • Access to Recovery (ATR)
  • WIOA/ITA (Section 30)

Aimee Funk

Program Director

Jump Start Program

Kittredge Center 322

413.552.2005 (Tel)

Amy Shaikh

Placement Assistant

Jump Start Program

Kittredge Center 322

413.552.2730 (Tel)