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Looking for your bill? HCC does not mail bills, but you can find your statement and links to your payment plan online. Go to Online Services. Once logged in, select Student Services and follow the eBill Statement/Payments/Payment Plan link. Don't forget: Billing reminders and other important messages will be sent to your HCC email address, so be sure to check it regularly. Questions? Contact us at

Billing Schedule & Refund Policies for Credit Courses - Wintersession / Spring 2024

Billing Schedule & Refund Policies for Credit Courses – Summer/Fall 2024

Once you have registered for your classes, the Bursar's Office (Student Account Services, located in Frost 221) will upload an e-bill statement, listing charges (such as tuition and fees) and credits (such as financial aid or other payments).

Be sure to make your payments by your billing due date! 

Students are responsible for any charges incurred that are not addressed in a payment plan or covered by financial aid. Students will be responsible for charges incurred if courses are not dropped during the add/drop period.

Enrollment in the Payment Plan is online through Online Services.

Incomplete paperwork can delay payment to your account, so be sure that your financial aid application, veteran or other tuition waivers, and/or online payment plan have been completed.

If you are receiving financial aid or other type of tuition assistance/payment, the College must provide students with a copy of their billing statement. The email notice and the online Bill Statement will show a negative amount due (e.g. Amount Due -$100.00) when your anticipated aid exceeds tuition and fees.  Financial aid surplus will be converted into a book advance to purchase book and supplies.  Any remaining surplus of financial aid, tuition assistance or overpayment will be refunded to the student by the College for financial aid within 14 days upon receipt and within 7 days upon request by student for other overpayments.

If, before classes start, you make a schedule change that affects the amount you owe, the due date for your first payment remains the date indicated on your original bill. Although the College will adjust the amount owed, no new bill will be issued. You will still need to make payment or arrange a payment plan by your originally scheduled payment due date.


If, after registering, you decide not to attend HCC, immediately notify the Student Records Office to withdraw from your classes. This can be done by calling Student Records at 413.552.2319, or by completing and submitting a withdrawal form at the the Student Records Office (FR 223). Please be aware that non-payment of your bill does not constitute withdrawal from the College.



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