Summer & Intersession


Summer is considered the same award year as the Fall and Spring that come after it. The financial aid office evaluates a student's eligibility for summer aid after registration occurs. A complete financial aid application is required!

Students who are Pell-eligible will be awarded any remaining eligibility that they may have; however, students may not have any left if they used their full Pell award in the fall and spring semester. Also, Pell eligibility is determined based on a student's "expected family contribution" and the number of credits they enroll in for a given semester. Some students may find that they are not eligible for Pell if they enroll in fewer courses over the summer.

Students who do not have remaining Pell eligibility, or don't otherwise qualify for Pell, may request a student loan. Students should fill out a Summer Loan Request form and return it to the Financial Aid Office. The request will then be evaluated and loan funds will be awarded if you are eligible. (Students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits to be eligible for a student loan.)

We provide book advances for use with the HCC online bookstore over the summer. If you have enough financial aid to cover billed charges, then a book advance will be created. Students will be notified via their HCC email address when their book advance has been processed.

Summer can be confusing because it's not a traditional term. We encourage students with questions or concerns to contact the financial aid office – we're happy to assist you.

A review of academic progress (based on the prior spring grades) takes place at the end of May/beginning of June. If you're not meeting the standards, your financial aid for the summer semester may be canceled after you've started classes and incurred charges.


When it comes to financial aid, intersession is considered part of the spring semester that follows it. The number of credits you take during intersession is combined with the number of credits you plan to take during the following spring semester – together, that determines your spring financial aid award.

If you decide to withdraw from an intersession class, that class may not be counted in your financial aid for the spring semester, and your financial aid may be reduced.

For financial aid purposes, if you drop your spring classes, it's best to drop them while you're still enrolled in your intersession class.

You can't receive a Pell Grant from more than one school per semester. If you are transferring to another school for the spring semester, you may want to consider declining your Pell Grant award for HCC's intersession.

The review of academic progress (based on your grades from the preceding Fall semester) will take place in early January. If you're not meeting the standards, your financial aid for the spring semester (including intersession) may be canceled after you've started classes and incurred charges.

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