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Community-based Learning for Faculty


This professional development opportunity for faculty exists to support the creation of a CBL component to a new or existing course.  At the core of this work, projects (big and small) emanate from community needs and knowledge while also being guided by course materials.  Self reflection of all members of the process (community, faculty and students) becomes critical to the development of this work. Faculty receive a course reassignment or stipend to develop a community based learning project for a course in a cohort setting over the course of year.

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A professional development opportunity for former CBL faculty fellows who want to engage with more intentionality on CBL using a culturally responsive and anti-racist pedagogical lens. Culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP) is a teaching strategy that engages faculty to self-reflect, engage, be inclusive and culturally humble in revising not just what they teach, but also how they teach and advise students.  To be actively anti-racist means to understand and work against racism as a systemic problem that can be confronted, challenged and dismantled with action.   Faculty are asked to investigate the ways in which their teaching may privilege some forms of knowledge and some student communities, while ignoring, devaluing and/or stigmatizing other ways of knowing or students.  This Title III funded initiative provides space for CBL faculty to share personal and professional experiences, questions, and resources. 

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