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Center for Health Education & Simulation

HCC's Center for Health Education & Simulation supports healthcare programs through hands-on clinical learning experiences using current technology, medical equipment, and human patient simulators.

HCC's Center for Health Education & Simulation provides realistic, risk-free, hands-on clinical learning experiences using current medical technology and equipment, human patient simulators, task trainers and other high and low tech simulation equipment.

The approximately 10,449 square foot space includes classrooms that can be converted into large lab spaces, student study space, a radiology suite with mock equipment, a large radiology image library and an image critique room. Two debrief rooms, 4 private patient simulation rooms, two semi private patient simulation rooms, three control rooms, prop storage, prep spaces and two larger multi-bed lab spaces can be transformed into acute (Medical Surgical, OR, ER, Women's Health) or community (home, outpatient medical office, street) environments in which students advance their education and skill.

Our highly-trained simulation staff work directly with faculty in every program to allow students to develop clinical, interpersonal and inter-professional skills within the context of simulation activities. Our approach is multidisciplinary, with all departments in the center utilizing labs for a variety of skill-building exercises. Departments who take part in simulation labs include AS and PN nursing, Radiologic Technology, Certified Nursing Assistant, Medical Assisting, Home Health Aid, Community Health Worker and Emergency Medical Technician. These labs provide opportunities to collaborate with community partners to promote advanced communication skills, while also promoting inter-professional teamwork, multiple patient management, as well as crisis resource management (CRM) skills, communication, and collaboration.

In addition to the space and its advanced equipment, a wealth of digital learning resources are available in the center, including a digital recording system from Education Management Solutions that captures learning activities in real time. Using this technology, students are able to self-evaluate by observing their experiences at a later date. 

  • A healthcare student adjusts the oxygen mask on an infant simulator

    Infant simulators

    The Moriarty Simulation Suite consists of two semi-private patient rooms. One room is an obstetric and newborn room that houses a Gaumard high-fidelity newborn infant simulator and a Gaumard full body, high-fidelity birthing simulator. The second room is a pediatric room for two Gaumard high-fidelity five-year-old child simulators, as well as another newborn infant simulator.

  • Two healthcare students practice on a patient simulator in a car accident scenario

    Hands-on clinical learning

    Health sciences students gain essential skills via realistic, risk-free, hands-on clinical learning experiences using current technology, medical equipment, and human patient simulators.

  • Healthcare students learn to transfer patients using a backboard

    Gaining backboard and transferral skills

    HCC prepares students to meet real world challenges. Here, students learn how to safely remove an injured patient from a car for transport to the hospital.

  • Healthcare students use real, state-of-the-art medical equipment

    Gaining familiarity with hospital equipment

    In the LaMere Simulation Suite, students learn in four private acute medical surgical patient rooms with working wall suction, working simulated oxygen, and air and bedside patient monitors. 

  • Healthcare students evaluate a patient in the ER

    Assessment & Care

    HCC's fully equipped labs replicate hospitals, clinics, primary care and other health care settings. Practicing in a realistic environment means that when they enter the healthcare field, HCC grads will be ready to provide skilled care for their patients.

  • A closeup of the HCC nursing patch on a student's scrubs

    Proud to be HCC

    HCC is proud to provide the best health science education in the Pioneer Valley.