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Direct Connection

DATE: Tuesday, June 28, 2022

HCC signs transfer pact with AIC

HCC president Christina Royal and AIC president Hubert Benitez sign an agreement between the two colleges.

HCC and American International College have signed an articulation agreement formally establishing a close academic relationship between the two colleges.

This accord between HCC and AIC aligns academic programs that enhance the seamless transition of HCC graduates and qualified candidates from HCC and promotes a smooth, successful transfer to AIC. This agreement offers time and cost savings for students by recognizing the coursework pursued at the community college and demonstrates the ongoing commitment of both AIC and HCC to the community and its students, by ensuring that educational pathways are created for all those who wish to consider a degree in higher education. 

Administrators from the two colleges met at HCC on June 23 to sign the agreement.   

"We are excited to develop more transfer opportunities for our HCC students by expanding our partnership with AIC and providing students with even more pathways to a four-year degree," said HCC president Christina Royal.  

At AIC, the program is referred to as Direct Connect. Direct Connect transfer students automatically receive a $4,000 scholarship, in addition to their earned merit scholarship, before any need-based aid is awarded. This means Direct Connect students can earn up to $18,000 in financial gift aid – not loans – before being evaluated for additional need-based aid. And, unlike some other transfer articulation agreements, the Direct Connect program at AIC allows students to study and major in their area of interest while attending HCC. 

"We are honored to have entered into a partnership with Holyoke Community College," said AIC president Hubert Benitez. "The execution of articulation agreements with our community colleges exemplifies AIC's vision of expanding the services we provide to our students and to the communities we serve. AIC is ready to welcome students who are seeking a sense of belonging, innovative education, and profound student experiences. In this time where the value of education is being questioned, we are ensuring that students not lose time or credits in the transition." 

More information about American International College's Direct Connect program can be found online at

PHOTOS: HCC president Christina Royal and AIC president Hubert Benitez sign an articulation agreement between the two schools June 23 at HCC.