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High-tech partners

DATE: Tuesday, September 13, 2022

HCC, STCC announce partnership with Upright Education

Upright group

Holyoke Community College and Springfield Technical Community College announced a partnership with Upright Education to offer job-ready training in high-tech fields, including software development and design.

In an announcement today, college officials said they were excited to partner with Upright, a workforce training company, to create more technical jobs, including in the growing information technology (IT) sector and skilled labor opportunities for the Western Massachusetts workforce.

The colleges and Upright are offering online educational opportunities for adult learners looking for a new career in technology. No experience is necessary to enroll. 

Upright president and CEO Benjamin Boas and the presidents of both colleges participated in a formal announcement at STCC on Tues., Sept. 13.

"STCC is excited to partner with Upright Education to offer short-term certificate programs that will help anyone in Western Massachusetts who would like to change their career or develop technical skills to find jobs in high-demand fields, which includes high tech," said STCC president John B. Cook said. "This new partnership aligns strongly with STCC's technical mission and helps meet the demand for skilled workers in the region."

"HCC is happy to join in the announcement of our joint partnership with Upright to provide 21st century skills for today's job seeker," said HCC president Christina Royal said. "The development of skills in IT will make our students more ready for the jobs in the future. Upright, HCC, and STCC will help make jobseekers of Western Mass. job ready."

Along with Greenfield Community College, Upright now partners with three different colleges in the Massachusetts area. These partnerships represent Upright's investment in the growing tech sector in the state, particularly surrounding Springfield, which Boston Business Journals ranked the #1 city in the country for tech job growth in 2021.

Massachusetts has received support and resources for its tech sector from major companies in the tech industry, including an annual donation of $500,000 of cloud computing resources from Microsoft. Upright's presence also continues to grow in the Northeast more broadly, where its partnerships include multiple schools in New York and Vermont, and nationally, where it has signed 11 total education partnerships to date.

"Adults working hourly jobs want salaried careers where they can work remotely, enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, and reside in a neighborhood that doesn't break the bank," said Benny Boas, CEO and founder of Upright Education. "Western Massachusetts represents a landscape that is ripe for providing these career opportunities in the growing tech economy. Upright's partnership with Springfield Technical Community College and Holyoke Community College provides direct-to-career pathways for in-demand technology jobs through accessible programs, which don't require industry experience or a college degree."

Upright's full- and part-time boot camps and individual courses currently maintain a job placement rate of 92 percent and offer a 30 percent increase in salary for students coming from prior careers, according to the company.

Expanding services in areas like Springfield supports Upright's mission of stimulating economic growth in areas where large populations of working adults stand to benefit from innovative educational opportunities and skilled training in burgeoning professional fields like software development and designing visual elements on a website and improving user experience and user interface with the website (UX/UI design). Upright is proud to be taking this vital step toward its stated goals.

For anyone interested in learning more about these programs, an informational session hosted by the enrollment team will be held on Zoom Thurs., Sept. 22, at noon. Register here.

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