Aug. 2022 News Blog

DATE: Monday, August 1, 2022

News briefs from the HCC campus and beyond

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Students in HCC's Culinary Arts Summer Youth Culinary Arts program show off the eclairs they made during the baking portion of their class.

Éclairs Savoureux

Students in HCC's Summer Youth Culinary Arts program show off the tasty eclairs they made for their families during the baking portion of their class on Tues., Aug. 9. 

Pride Talk

The HCC radio station, WCCH 103.5 FM, celebrated Pride PodcastPride Month in June with "In the Community," a four-part series of podcasts created and hosted by student Lance 'DJ Loki' Fydenkevez and Alannah "DJ Ribbit' Brunt. Episode guests included Eva Sweeney, president of HCC's Rainbow Forward identity club (on gender identity and being trans), HCC President Christina Royal (on growing up, coming out and being leader who identifies as queer);educator and LGBTQ+ advocate and ally Tara Roberts (on the importance of gay-straight alliance groups in schools); and adjunct professor and WCCH faculty advisor Stevie Converse. (on the history of the LGBTQ+ community leading up to Stonewall). Follow the links above to listen to each episode. The entire series is archived on SoundCloud. (Photo: DJ Loki, left, with guest Eva Sweeney, president of HCC's Rainbow Forward Club)

Healthy Simulations

Michelle Sherlin, the coordinator of the Simulation Lab Michelle Sherlinat HCC's Center for Health Education & Simulation, writes a bi-monthly column for, an online magazine for healthcare educators. Her most recent pieces focused on how to save money on simulation equipment and supplies, how to use low budget props to set up healthcare simulation scenarios, and how to get started with interprofessional patient simulation. In 2021, Sherlin, RN, BSN, CHSE (certified health simulation educator), received the Advocate Award for "Excellence in Clinical Simulation" from Education Management Solutions, a company that designs technology for the simulations used in healthcare education, citing her pioneering, 20-year career at HCC:  "When Michelle first joined Holyoke Community College (HCC) as the Simulation Coordinator, the college had one high fidelity patient simulator – still in a box. During her work there, she has expanded the use of simulation to include embedding multiple simulations into every single health career course in the college. She also assisted in designing the school's 18-bed simulation center with over 15 high fidelity simulators of all ages and countless task trainers and mannequins. Most recently, she has spearheaded the implementation of several interprofessional simulations for HCC students with students from health career programs at other colleges."