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Capacity to Prevail

DATE: Monday, April 4, 2022

HCC alum Alia Alabsi '21 is now studying at Smith College

Editor's Note: Ali Alabsi's poem, "Capacity to Prevail," was written for the HCC Theater Department's spring 2021 production of "In These Times." 

By Alia Alabsi          

I sat beside the sea's might
its waves approached me
it goes and comes back, tirelessly.
Just like a strong girl walking proudly.
I talked to her about the condition of life. 
She did not reply

With her endless morning and evening duty,
she is busy.
I spoke to her about the pandemic.
She is enigmatic.
Closure of cities,
departure of security,
prevailed misery,
she is Apathetic.
Cure far off,
people aloof.

Hugging is  forbidden,
about the injured
and the sorrow,
She is full of awareness.
Collapsed economy 
Kept her Disciplined work.
arrival of fearfulness. 
She is passionless,
school lockdowns, 
kids confused,
world in crisis.
Kept on working with

She is stoic.
I came to acknowledge you, 
thousands died and grief prevailed.
She is vacant.
I approached her salty water.
There must be nothing in this world that interests you?
You are strong, very strong, no one can detract you.
You don't even care if you are strong or weak.
Nothing matters to you.
You don't care who lives in your heart,
and who lives outside you, in this vast world.
I wish I had a careless heart like yours,
but I'm not sure you have a heart anyway.
Who are you?
You are significant. 
Very Significant!