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Find my election information

Lists where to vote, ballots, elected officials.

Registering to Vote

How to register to vote (online, by mail, in-person), update your address, and change your party affiliation.

Massachusetts Elections Division

Election calendars, voter information, election results, and more.

Guide to the 2020 election from the New York Times

Coverage of the 2020 presidential election, the candidates and issues.  The New York Times is available free to HCC students, faculty, & staff.

U.S. Presidential Campaign Coverage by Newsbank

Coverage of the candidates during the 2020 presidential campaign, the primaries, the conventions, the debates, the election and aftermath.

Essays & viewpoints about the presidential elections

Provides a range of viewpoints for those wanting to think critically about the issues.

There are many election topics and issues; below are a few highlights.

Historical rights of different groups of people

Data: election results, statistics, maps

Election Issues


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