Rating Criteria for Judging Papers

Composition Criteria

  • The main idea (thesis) must be well defined and well expressed.
  • The research paper must have an effective introduction and conclusion.
  • Each paragraph in the paper must develop the thesis.
  • The flow of ideas from one paragraph to the next must be clear.
  • Sentences must be free of grammatical and spelling errors.
  • Sentences must demonstrate variety in length and structure. In addition, words and phrases must be economical and precise.

Research Criteria

  • References to outside sources must be timely (as the topic allows), relevant, and applicable to developing the thesis.
  • The text must demonstrate skillful integration of original ideas with documented facts and opinions of others.
  • The majority of sources used for the research paper must be from the HCC Library and may include databases, electronic and print journals and books, newspapers, or audiovisual material.
  • A consistency of citation and bibliographic form must be rigorously maintained.

For each of the above criteria listed above, points are assigned as follows:

0 - No control
1 - Little control
2 - Average control
3 - Skilled control

Ideas expressed in the "Reflective Essay" will be carefully considered when evaluating submissions.


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