#TogetherHCC: Drive to Change Lives

The results of our #TogetherHCC: Drive to Change Lives are in...

290 donors have contributed a total of $111,977!

Alumni and friends from states across the country joined together to invest in scholarship support, our Thrive Center and Food Pantry, and to enhance our President's Student Emergency Fund. What's more, you also used the day as an opportunity to share the impact that HCC has has on your life, providing even greater inspiration to today's students saying:

"After raising three beautiful children, I decided to go to college in my 40s to change my occupation and fulfill a dream I always had of being a college graduate. HCC helped me make that dream come true." – Cheryl

"I was a pretty poor student in high school – rarely put in the effort. My first semester at HCC, I had to give a speech, and my professor pulled me aside to let me know how well I conducted myself and that I was a 'sleeper' with 'hidden potential.' I had never had an instructor praise me in that way and it began to change how I thought about myself academically. It was a small comment but it truthfully put me on a path to academic success. It's a reminder to me of both: 1) How impactful a teacher's comments can be, and 2) HCC changes people's life trajectories." – Joe

We are incredibly grateful for the many faculty, staff, Trustees, Board members, and alumni advocates whose generosity and leadership also fueled our campaign's success. And while it's always exciting to meet (and exceed!) goals, it's really about what #TogetherHCC does for our students:

"I would not be where I am today without people like you. HCC scholarships have provided me with time to study, and studying has led to the Dean's List. My 3.5 GPA has earned me acceptance into UMass, and my achievements all started from donors like you." – Todd '21 

HCC students are resilient. Ambitious. Innovative. Compassionate. Driven. And because of you, they have the opportunity to achieve their dreams of a college education and to thrive.

Thank you so much!

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