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About HCC

Strategic Plan

Building a sustainable future for HCC and the community we serve through the following strategies:

1. teaching & learning    2. equity & student success   

3. workforce & transfer    4. sustainability

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mission, vision & values


Educate. Inspire. Connect.


Holyoke Community College aspires to be a college of academic excellence known for helping students overcome barriers to success.


Kindness, inclusion and trust are the foundation of the work that we do together. Innovation and collaboration enable us to explore and implement the ideas that will shape our future.  

Student Experience

Holyoke Community College commits to delivering a transformational student experience characterized by: 

  • A "connection network" that draws people, services and knowledge together to address students' fundamental needs and thus ensure their readiness to succeed at HCC.
  • An affordable, relevant education provided by talented faculty and resulting in career and transfer opportunities that enable students to thrive.
  • An approach to educating the whole person that continuously meets students where they are  socially, financially, educationally and geographically – and engages them in real-world learning experiences.
  • A vibrant, connected college community that enriches the learning experience, delivers relentless encouragement, and builds life-long connections.   

Faculty and staff of Holyoke Community College commit to support this transformative experience through:

  • Accessible, guided, and intuitive services that support students and their families.
  • Efficient and effective processes supported by contemporary technologies.
  • Data and predictive analytics that enable HCC to deliver personalized, proactive and responsive programs and services.
  • An agile and supportive culture that recognizes the importance of training and professional development to build knowledge, skills and abilities.

Headshot of HCC President Christina RoyalWhat do our students need to be successful? How can we ensure that our academic programs meet the needs of our workforce and are aligned with the economic opportunities that exist in the region? How do we position HCC for the future? What are the best investments HCC can make with its resources? These were just some of the questions we explored during our yearlong strategic planning process.

Throughout the 2017-2018 academic year, HCC students, faculty, staff, board members and community stakeholders came together. We formed research teams, conducted focus groups, held workshops, analyzed data, and surveyed trends in higher education and in our state and local economy. The result? New Mission and Vision statements, and our first ever Values and Student Experience statements. Finally, we developed a set of strategies and objectives to guide our college priorities and day-to-day efforts. This work continues today, as our faculty, staff, and strategic planning teams work to provide our students with comprehensive support services and academic programs that lead to fulfilling careers and the achievement of their life goals.

I hope you'll take a moment to read the statements on this page, and will be as inspired by them as I am. I am extremely proud of the work we have accomplished, and grateful to all who contributed to this effort. Together, we will make a significant difference in the future of HCC, the region, and above all, our students.

Christina Royal

Approved by the HCC Board of Trustees on October 23, 2018, the full FY19-22 Strategic Plan was sent to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education for approval on October 29, 2018.


Olugbemiga Adekunle, Science, Engineering & Math
Laura Christoph, Faculty
* Maureen Conroy, Disabilities and Deaf Services
* Karen Desjeans, President's Office
Veena Dhankher, Institutional Research
Mary Dixey, Library
Amy Dopp, Resource Development
Margaret Downing, Career Services
Kermit Dunkelberg, ABE & Workforce Development
Theresa Eccles, GED Testing
Clara Elliot, Human Resources
Bill Fogarty, Administration & Finance
Robert Gilbert, Board of Trustees
Liz Golen, Student Activities
Raúl Gutiérrez, Faculty
Jeff Hayden, Business & Community Services
Elizabeth Hayward, Faculty
Kim Hicks, Arts & Humanities
Kelly Keane, Faculty
Tricia Kiefer, Faculty
Joanne Kostides, Faculty
Olivia Kynard, Student Account Services
* Joseph Lavoie, Faculty
Holly Martin-Peele, Health Sciences
Vanessa Martínez, Faculty
Donna Mastroianni, Faculty
Sal Mateo, Information Technology
Keith McKittrick, Development
Irma Medina, Pathways
Petriana Monize, Faculty
Karin Moyano Camihort, Online Learning
Bryn Nowell, Admissions
Mónica Perez, Academic Affairs
Julie Pokela, Board of Trustees
Mariya Primako, Student
Lindsey Providenti, Science, Engineering & Math
Myriam Quiñones, Multicultural Academic Services
Kris Ricker Choleva, Business & Technology
Heidi Rademacher, Admissions
* JoAnne Rome, Marketing & Communications
* Lindsey Rothschild, Instructional Technology
Donna Rowe, Faculty
Christina Royal, President
Alison Sawyer, Faculty
Amanda Sbriscia, Institutional Advancement
* Sarah Schmidt, Workforce Development
Michele Snizek, Retention & Student Success
Kim Slepchuk, Health Sciences
Kimberlee Straceski, Financial Aid
Linda Szalankiewicz, Information Technology
Renee Tastad, Enrollment Management
* Judith Turcotte, Planning & Assessment
Yanina Vargas, Student Affairs
Haley Woods, Student  

* Coordinators

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we are holyoke community college & we have a mission

Last year, students, faculty, staff, and members of the community came together to articulate a vision for HCC and lay the foundation for its future. We formed subcommittees, examined research documents, analyzed surveys, developed presentations, held workshops, and spent long hours in conversation. The result? New Mission, Vision, Values, and Student Experience statements, and strategies and objectives to help take us where we want to go. This year, in every division, department, office and area of the college, we're going to put our plans into action, together.