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About Strategic Planning

Kristine Ricker Choleva

Director, Planning, Curriculum & Assessment

Academic Affairs

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Strategic Plan

Building a sustainable future for HCC and the communities we serve through four frameworks with corresponding strategies and objectives:

1. teaching & learning    2. equity & student success   

3. workforce & transfer    4. sustainability

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mission, vision & values


Educate. Inspire. Connect.


Holyoke Community College aspires to be a college of academic excellence known for helping students overcome barriers to success.


Kindness, inclusion and trust are the foundation of the work that we do together. Innovation and collaboration enable us to explore and implement the ideas that will shape our future.  

Student Experience

Holyoke Community College commits to delivering a transformational student experience characterized by: 

  • A "connection network" that draws people, services and knowledge together to address students' fundamental needs and thus ensure their readiness to succeed at HCC.
  • An affordable, relevant education provided by talented faculty and resulting in career and transfer opportunities that enable students to thrive.
  • An approach to educating the whole person that continuously meets students where they are  socially, financially, educationally and geographically – and engages them in real-world learning experiences.
  • A vibrant, connected college community that enriches the learning experience, delivers relentless encouragement, and builds life-long connections.   

Faculty and staff of Holyoke Community College commit to support this transformative experience through:

  • Accessible, guided, and intuitive services that support students and their families.
  • Efficient and effective processes supported by contemporary technologies.
  • Data and predictive analytics that enable HCC to deliver personalized, proactive and responsive programs and services.
  • An agile and supportive culture that recognizes the importance of training and professional development to build knowledge, skills and abilities.

Headshot of HCC President Christina RoyalDear HCC community:

We have come a long way since our year-long planning effort in 2017-18 when we developed the frameworks, strategies, objectives and action items necessary to reach measurable outcomes that would close the achievement gap, increase retention, boost graduation and transfer rates, decrease the number of students taking developmental classes, utilize technology and data to advance operational effectiveness and seek new revenue streams to support college priorities.

As I write this in Spring 2020, we are living a new normal of remote teaching and learning, online student services, and virtual campus operations—however, our faculty, staff and administrators continue to live our mission, vison, and values. Together, we are all moving the college and our Strategic Plan forward. 

While the Strategic Plan team meetings have been suspended for the remainder of the spring 2020 semester, the work has been and continues to be infused into our culture and daily activities. Professional Development & Inclusion is taking place through the myriad of programs and training offered by the Center for Excellence. Course Offerings & Placement is offering creative scheduling and anticipating summer and fall classes, Student Success is enhancing online orientation, External Alignment is extending support to our community partners and offering remote non-credit programs and the Resources team has created a campaign of caring with #togetherHCC. 

Despite the challenges being presented at this moment in time, it is clear that the HCC community has embraced all that we created in our plan and we are determined to achieve our measurable outcomes. We may do so in a manner that looks different than what we envisioned in 2017-18, but our commitment to Teaching & LearningEquity & Student Success, Workforce & Transfer and Sustainability remains unwavering, and I could not be more proud.


Christina Royal

Approved by the HCC Board of Trustees on October 23, 2018, the full FY19-22 Strategic Plan was sent to the Massachusetts Board of Higher Education for approval on October 29, 2018.

we are hcc & we have a plan

During our Strategic Planning year of 2017-2018, students, faculty, staff, and members of the community came together to articulate a vision for HCC and lay the foundation for its future. We formed subcommittees, examined research documents, analyzed surveys, developed presentations, held workshops, and spent long hours in conversation. The result? New Mission, Vision, Values, and Student Experience statements that are the foundation for the FY2019-22 Strategic Plan.

About Strategic Planning

Kristine Ricker Choleva

Director, Planning, Curriculum & Assessment

Academic Affairs

Kittredge Center 404

413.552.2284 (Tel)