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Banner 9 Upgrade

What is Banner 9?
In December 2018 support will end for our current Banner 8 Internet Native Banner (INB) system, so in preparation for that we need to upgrade to Banner 9.  This upgrade is a significant one that will deliver a more modern user interface similar to a web page, as well as enhanced navigation, searching, and record-filtering tools.  Most exciting of all, Banner 9 may be run using any browser and is mobile and tablet-friendly.

What is changing?
First, the Banner 9 version of INB will be called Banner ADMIN.  As with any system upgrade, we understand there may be concerns about what will change.  In Banner ADMIN screens will be called pages, but they will have the same functions as in Banner INB, so users will just need to learn the new interface.  We have been working closely with our vendor partner Ellucian to understand what will be different in Banner ADMIN so we can explain and demonstrate and help all INB users eventually make a successful transition.

When is this happening?
ITD staff and some key INB users are currently testing Banner ADMIN.  In the coming months we will begin to work directly with staff in departments that use INB, inviting them to sessions to introduce Banner ADMIN and include time for experimentation.   We will encourage everyone to continue exploring Banner ADMIN after the sessions to become comfortable with how to do the work they currently perform in Banner INB.  Then we will schedule and announce the rollout of each Banner ADMIN module- Finance, Student, Accounts Receivable, and Financial Aid - between now and February 2019.  For a few months Banner INB and Banner ADMIN will run concurrently, so staff will still be able to use Banner INB to accomplish their work.  However, by the end of February 2019 all INB users will need to be ready to use only Banner 9.  We will help everyone get there.

What about Online Services?
Initially Online Services will remain the same, but over the next 1-2 years we will transition to a new enhanced Banner 9 version of Online Services. Much more information to come soon - stay tuned!