About HCC

Curriculum Management

Project Background

Last Spring the college initiated a search for software to facilitate curriculum goverance, by automating the course and program review approval process in a workflow fashion.

Key project objectives:

  • Streamline the processing of academic proposals as they move through governance
  • Centrally store program and policy information
  • Ensure curriculum listings are consistent with the catalog
  • Banner integration to assist with accuracy and efficiency

Project Overview

In February 2017 the RFR was issued, and responded to by two vendors.  Throughout the Spring semester, demos and meetings took place with stakeholders from many departments across campus inluding: Curriculum Committee members, Senate leadership, Academic Deans, Department and Program Chairs and Coordinators, VP's, and the core project team.  In August 2017 the college selected Curriculog for curriculum management and Acalog for catalog production from the vendor Digarc.

Please join us during one of the following trainings to learn more about Curriculog, practice creating a proposal, or even get help creating a real proposal.  All trainings will be held in Frost 151.

  • August 21st - 1-2 pm
  • August 22nd - 1 -2 pm
  • August 23rd - 1 -2 pm
  • August 24th - 1-2 pm
  • August 30th - 9-10 am
  • August 31st - 10-11 am
  • September 25th - 2 - 3 pm
  • September 26th - 11 am - 12 pm
  • September 28th - 10 - 11 am
Project Start Meeting March 6th
Trainings 1-3 March 9th, 12th & 15th
Consulting Sessions 1-3 March 20th, 23rd & 30th
Team Homework March 30th - April 2nd
Final Consulting Session April 13th
Team Homework April 13th - 27th
Extensive User Testing/Training April 17th - 27th - Completed
Trainings 4 & 5 May 15th & 17th
Project Wrap Up May 18th
System work and prep May - August
System up and running Summer 2018
Kathy Keene Project Manager
Christine Holbrook Functional Lead - Student Records
Allison Wrobel Student Records Rep
Idelia Smith Academic Affairs Lead
Linda Scott Academic Affairs Rep
Kelly Champagne IT Support
Laura Christoph Curriculum Committee Rep
Joan Donah Curriculum Committee Alternate
Kristine Ricker Choleva Curriculum Committee Alternate
Gbemiga Adekunle Academic Deans Rep
Holly Martin-Peele Academic Deans Alternate