About HCC

HCC MGM Culinary Arts Institute (CAI)

The HCC MGM Culinary Arts Institute is located at 164 Race Street in downtown Holyoke. There, you'll find the following offices and programs:

first floor
Lab Technicians Office   CAI 101  413.552.2408


Demo Kitchen CAI 105
Bakery CAI 108
Dining Room CAI 116

second floor
Computer Lab CAI 201
Classroom CAI 204   
Workforce Development Office   CAI 206    
Faculty Office CAI 207  413.552.2809   sbilgrami@hcc.edu 
Department Co-Chair Office CAI 209  413.552.2298   wleigh@hcc.edu
Conference Room CAI 216     
Dean's Office CAI 217  413.552.2288 abrandt@hcc.edu
Coordinator of CAI & PAFEC CAI 218  413.552.2823 sgraves@hcc.edu
Hotel Lab CAI 219 
General Purpose Lab CAI 221