About HCC

Donahue (DON)

In the Donahue (DON) building, you'll find the following offices and programs:

Provisions On Demand (POD)  FR/DON Lounge  413.552.2130 pronovost-mark@aramark.com
Gender-Neutral Bathroom
Baby-Changing Station FR/DON Lounge
The Bunker DON 105 413.552.2321  bunker@hcc.edu
Veteran Services
Office for Students with Disabilities & Deaf Services (OSDDS)  DON 147 413.552.2417 or 413.650.5502 (video) osd@hcc.edu
TRIO Student Support Services DON 240 413.552.2505 erodriguez@hcc.edu
Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) DON 240 413.552.2584 caps@hcc.edu
HCC Library (water bottle filling station & open computers) DON 202 413.552.2424 library@hcc.edu
Academic ESL Office DON 203 413.552.2990 mkorchevska@hcc.edu