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Writing Center

All students have the ability to write!

Our Writing Center staff believe that all students have the ability to write, and have the potential to develop skills needed to become competent writers.

Located in DON 238, the William Dwight Jr. Writing Center offers students free walk-in consultation and assistance with all college course writing assignments, college application essays, scholarship application essays, and more. Professional and peer tutors will help organize materials for your paper, work through the stages of drafting, assist with research and documentation, assist with formatting, and much more.

Holyoke Community College provides online tutoring support for all HCC students. Online tutoring for writing is available. In addition to tutoring, the center also provides handouts, texts, and computer-aided instruction to help with grammar and drafting strategies. The Writing Center is open weekdays and reduced hours on Saturday.


Frank Johnson

Common Errors in English Usage
This is one of the more extensive online lists of usage errors. The site focuses on American English, and will often note differences between standard British usage, as well as Canadian and Australian uses of English. The errors are presented in alphabetical order, which makes it easier for students to look them up. The site is geared towards more towards native speakers of English, but even ESL students would benefit from using it.

OWL (Online Writing Lab) Purdue University 
This is truly one of the best. The ability to search on this site makes it really user-friendly. In addition to grammar and mechanics, the OWL also focuses on "Writing & Teaching Writing, Research Writing, Job Search & Professional Writing, Style Guides, and ESL issues." The site also provides resources for teachers and tutors and Writing-Across-the-Curriculum. The resources are extensive and highly reliable. Their coverage of MLA and APA citation and formatting is thorough and highly recommended.

Guide to Grammar & Writing
This is probably the site we recommend the most when advising students towards any online grammar and usage tutorial. The site is maintained by Capital Community College in Hartford, CT. This website offers a huge variety of grammar- and writing-related information, online quizzes, and a host of other topics related to writing and the language arts. Click on the "index" box on the homepage to find an extensive alphabetical list of grammar and usage issues that link to examples and explanations paired with free quizzes. 

Towson University Online Writing Support
Another great site for grammar and usage explanations. Much like the Guide to Grammar & Writing, explore the "exercises" link for explanations and a number of free exercises. In addition, there are links devoted to plagiarism issues, and a section titled "Self-Teaching Units" that offers thorough tutorials focused on usage and grammar problems.

Valencia College MLA & APA Style Guides
This site is housed on the Valencia College library website and is a reliable resource when students have citation questions regarding MLA and APA research papers. The site provides easy-to-follow citation examples that are labeled and color-coded. Examples cover both in-text and reference page/works cited citation examples. The "MLA sample paper" link will take you to the official MLA manual. The "manual" link will lead you to formatting information as well. The "APA sample paper" link will take you to the Purdue OWL site for an excellent sample paper.

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