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Hey college students! Complete a prerequisite or lighten your spring courseload with Wintersession, a 10-day intensive session for students who want to earn college credit during the January break.

(When we say "intensive," we mean it! You will complete the same amount of college work in 10 days as is normally completed in a 14-week semester.)

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Classes are offered blended face-to-face and online. Most take ten days to complete, but several can be completed in just five days. The deadline for registering for classes is Dec. 28, and classes begin December 29.

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What to Expect

Students must attend every scheduled class meeting. Online students are expected to be online every day for five to eight hours per day, per course. There is one snow make-up day included in the academic calendar. However, in case of inclement weather, faculty may provide students with a take-home assignment in advance or post it online. For those who are disciplined and able to put in the work, intersession is a fantastic – and quick – way to earn credit. However, students who are experiencing academic difficulty are discouraged from taking these courses.


Take your credits with you – many of our classes easily transfer to other institutions! (Check in with your receiving college or university for details.)

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